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  1. UPDATE: It's been a while folks! I just completed WEEK 5 DAY 2 BABY! The 8 min running sections were surprisingly less difficult than I thought. They were over before I felt like dying haha. I am able to power through the stitch in my side towards the end of my runs, I know how to soldier on and today I weigh 295!! I've lost 81 pounds so far...the journey continues! I will also be updating more often for everyone, thank you all for the support!
  2. Today is week2 day3 been killin' it so far. Running through my intervals strong. Down to 306, losing at a healthy pace. Not long now before I'm below 300!
  3. I have just completed week 1! Thanks for rooting for me you guys, it means quite a lot. My fiancé is proud of me for running through all of the 60 second intervals.
  4. Thanks for the support! Last time I visited a physician, they said I was at risk for all sorts of things, from heart disease to diabeties... At the time I wasn't too worried. I had already lost my first 20 lbs. Today, 7-23-2015, was Week 1 Day 2 for me. After my run I got on the scale... 308.4! There's a zero in the middle! Hell yeah! My fiancé and I estimate that by next week I will reach the 299 milestone.
  5. Since November of last year (2014), I knew I had to do something or I would reach 400. I started walking and eating a little less, sometimes skipping dinner. That helped shrink my stomach I guess, I don't need to eat as much anymore. Fast forward to today, 7-21-2015. I weigh 311lbs. I just finished Week 1 Day 1 strong. I've been apprehensive about running at this size, hearing rumors about permanent damage to knees and ankles... what running tips are there for someone like me? Thanks for reading, -Bradderfield
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