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  1. What GPS are you using
  2. saejosh


    Rest days are needed. Try cross training on the off days. Use swimming cycling something like that. Just be sure to rest. Avoid injury that way
  3. Exercise like most things that cause a little pain or difficulty are mental. It's a mind game. We can achieve so much more than our minds allow.
  4. I have the charge HR from fit bit and I like it quite a bit. I just wish the C25K and fit bit app hooked up
  5. Thank you for the luck some days luck is helpful
  6. I started running on machines in April this year. Today was my first day running outdoors. I have not run since jan 2011 due to MS. I was told that running and sports would never be in the cards for me again. I was walking with a cane due to the loss of feeling in my right leg. Being told I can't do something has driven me to. Re learn to walk unaided. My next step is running.
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