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  1. ballanburden

    Running distance

    I second mapmyrun. I have had it for a year now and since I restarted c25k it has updated and is a great app. I use it solely for distance tracking but it has some outstanding features in the free version.
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  2. ballanburden

    just starting

    Welcome to the forum and good luck with your goals. We are all here to uplift and motivate one another.
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  3. Crawford8903


    Starting today can't wait!
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  4. Nev

    just started week 1

    I've just ran w1d3 today(3rd day in a row) so I think I'll rest tomorrow and run d3 again Friday just because of the improvement I've noticed in 3 days, my speed has increased a touch and my breathing has come on in leaps and bounds! Just can't get enough of it! Bring on Friday!!
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  5. Nev

    Cold weather gear

    I just wear a vest, hoodie and shorts when I run at normally around 9-10 pm it's about 6-8 degrees Celsius when I run. Dunno what that is in Fahrenheit? 42-46 degrees? But saying that, I love being cold, being hot feels unnatural haha
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  6. LouLou

    rib pain

    Under ribs. Sharp pain. Will let you know on how things go. Thank you.
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  7. KellyAnn

    Need encouragement

    Hi There I think we all feel the frustration when we think we are working our butts off and the frazzle mazzle weight does not fall off like it should or how it did when we were younger. My clothes are way looser and I REFUSE to weigh myself. One thing you have to think about is what you eat. If you are doing all the right things, then you should lose weight. I have to change things up for myself as i get mad at myself. Time to change it up get serious. Do not be hard on yourself. You can do it. Download MyFitnessPal so you can keep track of all that you eat. Sometimes when I add up my calories for the day, I forget the creamer in my coffee, that tbsp of butter I sauteed with, etc.... So think of that too. BUT you have to enjoy life and not let it get you down. You are lapping all the couch potatoes, so you are AWESOME! Happy Running!
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