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  1. Nev

    just started week 1

    Nice Dina I'm at the same point! Got day 2 today. Keep at it it's addictive!
  2. Nev

    just started week 1

    sorry my account went screwy...decided to redo week 1 to ease my knee back into it..seems okish, had to slightly change the way I run but did the run easily, hopefully be back to week 2 next week
  3. Nev

    just started week 1

    Well I'm starting week 1 again. I finished it two weeks ago then twisted my knee! Only just able to walk without pain again so back on it I'm getting! Looking forward to tomorrow!
  4. Nev

    200 Sit Ups

    I've just bought the same app, I'm assuming when it says warm up just stretch, although 5 mins does seem abit ott for some sit ups.
  5. Nev

    just started week 1

    I've just ran w1d3 today(3rd day in a row) so I think I'll rest tomorrow and run d3 again Friday just because of the improvement I've noticed in 3 days, my speed has increased a touch and my breathing has come on in leaps and bounds! Just can't get enough of it! Bring on Friday!!
  6. Dunno if this is still relevant but I think mine is Tuboh? My MFP that is
  7. I just used google maps and marked on map start and finish, learned my route is 2.1 miles.
  8. Nev

    just started week 1

    I've just finished day 2 myself, glad to have someone at my point!. Well,from what I've read on forums and such could be shin splints? (Could) I'm no expert, but is certainly in the right part of the leg. Could be from a number of things. Uneven running surfaces? The way you are landing on your feet, you want to be landing midfoot, and not on the balls of your feet. Urm some also have mentioned streching before and after running helps it..that's all I know off the top of my head. I'm sure others will have some advice for you. Hope it's nothing too long term though!
  9. I just wear a vest, hoodie and shorts when I run at normally around 9-10 pm it's about 6-8 degrees Celsius when I run. Dunno what that is in Fahrenheit? 42-46 degrees? But saying that, I love being cold, being hot feels unnatural haha
  10. Strange, I started this 2 days ago and even yesterday straight after my run and all throughout today I've been restless just wanting to get back to running..I already feel that I have more energy now than I have in a long time.
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