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  1. You can do this. I am also, asthmatic. I've been running for about a year now. I do fine, that some seasons kick up my asthma. I do recommen that yoy keep your inhaler close at hand. Run a little slower, try to inhale through your nose and out your mouth. I also, noticed as time goes by the less I have use it. Good luck. If you still have problems with your asthma while running, please see your doctor.
  2. I like the runnkeeper app. I use it all the time. My husband says he can watch my progress in real time. I usually run 5k and 8k. I am currently working on 10k. I am using c210k so far I'm enjoying it and runkeeper.
  3. I started on a treadmill but found it difficult to keep pace, also i drift when I run. I prefer to run outside. It's whatever you feel comfortable doing. Good luck on your adventure.
  4. Just ran 3.6 miles today. Feeling great. It was hard but I had good tunes and a positive attitude. Yeah!!!! Me!!!!!
  5. Ice, aspirin and rest for a few days. Make sure you have a good pare of shoes and pace yourself.
  6. Started this and thought I was going to die and cursed every step. I now can say I am able to run a 5k and feel good, no, awesome about myself and my accomplishment.
  7. For me as long as it's not in the house I won't eat it. I do keep popcorn in the personal size around.
  8. LouLou

    rib pain

    Its getting better with each run. Though I was dying.
  9. LouLou

    rib pain

    Been doing side stretches before run seems to help along with deep breathing.
  10. LouLou

    rib pain

    Under ribs. Sharp pain. Will let you know on how things go. Thank you.
  11. LouLou

    rib pain

    I'm having right side rib pain. It starts about mid run. Don't know if there is anything I can do to help it. I have been running through the pain. I'm on WK 7 d 3.
  12. Just did 1.85 miles on my 11th day.
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