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  1. Lots of family up in North Carolina in the Hickory, Conover, Concord, and Charlotte area however I live in the southern Carolina Congrats on starting the program.
  2. All it takes is putting one foot in front of the other...keep taking those steps and you'll do it! As has been stated, dress in layers for the cold and good luck with your goals!
  3. Good luck with your goals! I love biking and running but loathe swimming so no tri's for me.
  4. Congrats for taking the first step. Good luck and we are here for you!!! Welcome to the forum.
  5. I use mapmyrun and it will let you switch between miles and km. forgot about that...thanks KellyAnn
  6. Since the app doesn't track by your miles other than telling you to choose between running a set time or a set distance, just look online for a miles to km conversion calculator or just run the formula yourself. 1 mile is equal to 1.609344 kilometers. You can just multiply it out from there
  7. Good luck and congrats to all those getting started and welcome to the forum!
  8. Congratulations!!!! 10k's are fun...we have a large one every year in Charleston SC, The Cooper River Bridge Run (40,000 people). Good luck on hitting your goals.
  9. I feel your pain. I have completed two half marathons in the past but due to injuries have had to start over as well. Good luck!!!
  10. I am trying 5 days a week as well and when I have been able to do so (schedule issues) I have seen no ill effects. Good luck and enjoy the time with your daughter.
  11. Are you talking about the things runners will wear to cober their lower legs in col weather when wearing shorts? Everyone I know who wears them does so solely for warmth.
  12. Good luck and congrats on taking the plunge. I cannot give you advice on the shin splints a I am lucky to not have then. Stay positive and once more, good luck!!!
  13. Good luck and welcome to the forum!
  14. ballanburden

    200 Sit Ups

    The 5 minute warmup is simply a time to get your blood flowing and your muscles warmed up and prepared to work. A brisk walk is sufficient. One must be careful with stretching, as it is easy to tear or injure a cold muscle by stretching too far. Studies have shown that stretching is most beneficial on warm muscles and best reserved for the cool down period instead of as a warm up.
  15. Congratulations on starting C25K again and on your upcoming wedding! I do workouts 5 days per week and have had no ill effects but I also have some background in running and having a prior workout base. If you are starting with no true physical activity history I would not recommend going 5 days as your body needs the days off to recuperate and to prevent injury. Good luck!
  16. I start mapmyrun first and then start up c25k. Mapmyrun begins tracking when I begin moving and since I am only interested in the distance tracking features I don't have the pro version of it. I do have the pro version of c25k and love it. Mapmyrun simply runs in the background while I let c25k run and give me the prompts for the workout.
  17. At 6'2 and 225 I am not the same height and weight but I too am training for a 5K, to be run on December 13th in South Carolina. Welcome to the forum and good luck with your goals. This forum has worked well for me in enable me to motivate myself and help to motivate others who are enjoying the c25k program. So hello and welcome from a former Florida (Sarasota) resident now living in South Carolina!
  18. Woohooo...way to go! Congrats on completing day 2 and on your decision. Keep up the good work!
  19. I do the c25k program 5 times per week. I have just restarted, and as I did the first time I attempted the program before a non-running related injury, I run M-F. I do occasionally take Friday off and run Saturday, as I will do today. I do day one on Monday, 2 on Tuesday, and day 3 on Wednesday-Friday. Good luck!
  20. There is no need to be worried and the only way you would need to make adjustments is if you want to. Not going 2 and 1/4 miles in the 22 minutes simply means you are running at a pace slower than that required to get that far. If you are dead set on meeting the distance, then adjust your pace based on how much farther you need run. But you don't have to do this. If you're happy with your workout, then that is great. Congrats on going for the whole 22 minutes!
  21. I second mapmyrun. I have had it for a year now and since I restarted c25k it has updated and is a great app. I use it solely for distance tracking but it has some outstanding features in the free version.
  22. ballanburden

    Hip pain

    Definitely check your form however you can. If you have a specialty store nearby go there for a gait analysis or hit youtube. Lots of great videos out there. If it is a sharp stabbing pain, check with your doctor.
  23. Welcome to the forum and good luck with your goals. We are all here to uplift and motivate one another.
  24. ballanburden

    week 4

    Awesome! Keep it up. Can't wait to reach week 4 and beyond as well!
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