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Runner's Knee - Knee Pain - Tips and Care

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The month before my half-marathon I had ITBS (Illiotibial Band Syndrome), sometimes called "Runner's Knee".  My doctor gave me some strengthening exercises and stretches to help strengthen my hips.  It went away over time, and I have yet to have an issue.


I had gotten a really handy IT Band Strap that allowed me to run my half relatively pain-free.  


During my recovery, I did cycling and swimming instead of running.  When I was able to gingerly get back on my feet, I did my running on natural trails as it was easier than pavement.


Here's some good info on ITBS for anyone that suffers from it:



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Guest Becky

I started running this summer using the C25K program. I'm 52 and have some arthritis in my knees so I've been taking it slow but steady. All was good until last week (week 6) and now my knees are swollen and have a pop /click when I walk which is uncomfortable. I haven't run in 5 days- it is better but still there. Are my running days over? I've been using compression and ice.

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Personally I just changed the way I run. You can find videos about it on YouTube and books as well. You'll see this style of running referred to as "Pose running" or "Zen running" and recently at a running store they referred to it as "GFR" which stands for Good Form Running. No matter what you call it, you are running with a slight lean forward and your forefoot strikes the ground underneath you. This style feels awkward at first but once I got it, it eliminated my knee and foot pain I previously had. It might be worth a shot. Just a word of warning, it takes a while to become natural so it's not a "I'll try it for a run and see" type solution. You'll continually feel yourself reverting back to your previous form and have to adjust. The best book about it is either Zen Running or Born to Run. Good luck.

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