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  1. You can definitely do it!!
  2. It may be as simple as changing your diet to include more belly fat-burning foods to lose stubborn belly fat. Let's start with these. Oats Barley Apples Flaxseed Capsaicin Cardamom Raspberries Avocados Nuts Broccoli Egg Whites Asparagus Plain Greek Yogurt
  3. I can Recommend you drinks, that can Help you in Weight loss: Green Tea Apple Cider Vinegar Coffee Ginger Tea High Protein Drinks Vegetable juice Mushroom Tea
  4. That's Right!! But BJJ can also help in fat loss. Calories in vs. calories out is a fundamental notion in weight loss. Simply said, you will lose weight if you consume fewer calories than you burn. Even if you aren't counting calories, you may discover that BJJ training with proper uniform helps you lose weight. This could simply be because your activity level has increased but your food consumption has remained constant or almost constant. It's also possible that you're eating more than usual yet still have a calorie deficit after accounting for your training. Even if you're keeping track of your calories, monitoring calories burned during a BJJ lesson might be challenging.
  5. That's Right, Egg are the essential part of the diet!! Fish and eggs are both excellent protein sources. Because of the variety of complexity in BJJ movement, it's important not only to eat lean muscle meat but also to eat more meat on the bone, such as bone broth or anything with cartilages, because when you consume more of those amino acids that your body needs to build cartilages, you'll recover faster from all of these joint pains and stuff like that."
  6. The notion that a takedown will help you establish control so you can work for a pin or a submission is similar in both cases. There are movements in both genres that skip right to the eventual outcome. Without establishing control on top first, you can throw someone or attempt a pinning combination from the neutral position in wrestling. Submissions are possible in jiu-jitsu from both the neutral and guard positions, thus the traditional sequences aren't always followed. We'll look at what benefits wrestlers can expect from cross-training in jiu-jitsu and vice versa, because cross-training improves both sides. In many ways, wrestling outperforms BJJ, particularly when it comes to explosive and devastating takedowns. Yes, BJJ teaches you how to defend against takedowns, but skilled wrestlers would breeze right through it like butter. If we're talking about MMA fights, for example, this is critical. BJJ trips and throws are effective as long as the opponent lacks a strong takedown defense. We've seen how they struggle when faced with a nasty striker with a strong takedown defense. Wrestlers, on the other hand, have no such issues because they can score takedowns against anyone. Wrestling's other edge is its strength and unrelenting tempo. Wrestlers are all powerful, explosive, and have enough cardio to keep up a fast pace for days. They are rarely weary, and having them on top of everything is exhausting. Not to mention the strength of their slams, which have been known to knock opponents out cold in MMA. Slams like suplexes have the potential to kill a person, which has happened on the streets numerous times. Yes, BJJ has more weapons and is more self-defense oriented. Make no mistake about that, though. Wrestling is no laughing matter. It is a combat sport that prepares you to compete according to the regulations. However, its principle and tactics are transferable to any freestyle fighting.
  7. The Best Way To Lose Weight is : Reduce your hunger and appetite while remaining satisfied weight decrease that is steady over time while also helping to boost your metabolic health
  8. That was the best personal information you've granted!! Would try these steps!!
  9. Garacia, That was the best reference you've mentioned!! I also Read Born Tough And Elite's Novel About That!! They also have made some important Concepts About These Topics!!
  10. Slowing down or taking walking breaks between intervals might help you catch your breath, allowing your body to supply oxygen-rich blood more efficiently to your heart, organs, and muscles. As you drop the intensity, aim for the lower range of your goal heart rate, which is around 50 to 70% of your maximal heart rate. You may also use the "speaking test" to see whether you've reduced your intensity to a safe level if you can speak without trouble. Deep breathing, often known as "belly breathing" or "diaphragmatic breathing," has been demonstrated to lower blood pressure and decrease the pulse. Stop jogging, find a comfortable spot to sit, and try inhaling deeply through your nose until your belly expands, then exhaling through your nose or mouth if your heart rate is too high. Rep until your pulse rate has slowed to a comfortable level.
  11. Thanks for the great information
  12. The Videos Package was great!! But i can suggest you that there is no better strategy for losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks without exercise than reducing the amount of calories you consume. Basically, losing weight is made possible when you burn more calories than you take in. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to begin by reducing the amount of calories you take in. this can only be made possible by cutting back on the amount of food you take in.
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