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  1. What was the reason of using this link in the topic workout??
  2. What is the most Dangerous food in the period of pregnancy..??
  3. What should be the best ingredient to use during weight loss process??
  4. I opened the links you've just provide in the post of weight loss. But unfortunately there's nothing about weight loss or yoga in these links..
  5. I think we all know about that.. Please share some new information about that...
  6. Are vegetables source of weight gain or weight loss? Please make the thing clear that I've observed that many people uses vegetables as a diet. But on the other hand we know that vegetable are good for health and source of gaining power Like in "Popeye the sailor man". As he eats spinach and gets the power to beat his enemy..
  7. Hey There, Is there new or unique running tips that are unfamiliar to the majority?
  8. You're doing a good job man. I always love your threads.
  9. Is this essential to eat less to lose your weight?
  10. Yup that's the great point you've made.
  11. You should start it by walking at speed 3 or 3.5. After that you'll get to know which speeds suits you as time passes.
  12. Great, Thanks for the information.
  13. Your initial speed should be 4 km/h.
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