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  1. Your ability to lose weight might be impacted by a variety of factors, such as preexisting medical issues, past dieting and weight loss experiences, age-related changes, and the food and weight fluctuations of your mother throughout her pregnancy.
  2. I think best way to gain muscle is your diet and regular workout.
  3. Great you should also read this blog about workout. It would help you to be in great shape.
  4. In my opinion, if you're doing regular exercises or workouts, you don't need these types of pills.
  5. Avoid drinking calories. Colas and juices with artificial flavors are two examples of sugary drinks that are quite unhealthy. Eliminate the breads. You can't make the toasts and sandwiches that you love to eat without using bread. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
  6. Not reaching your weight loss goal can occur when calorie intake is equal to or higher than calorie use. Try strategies such as mindful eating, keeping a food diary, eating more protein, and doing strength exercises.
  7. That's Right! You can learn more things about running here.
  8. You should read this blog, if you're not losing your weight: https://www.borntough.com/blogs/news/how-to-lose-weight-without-counting-calories
  9. That's great, You must be fit and healthy. Push ups are a highly effective exercise for building upper body strength. They work various muscle groups in the chest, shoulders, triceps, and core, making them effective full-body exercises.
  10. Can't find the video. May be removed here or deleted from the YT Channel. If you want to do some BJJ Workout you can read Elite Sports' blogs. At the same time, you can checkout Born Tough blogs for general workout programs.
  11. I think steroid might not be the best way to lose weight, you should try this diet to lose weight.
  12. And Also you can read exercise blogs to lose weight here.
  13. The best way to lose weight is to take care of your diet. You can read the Diet Blogs here.
  14. You can read Born Tough Blogs for weight Loss
  15. I think you can read Elite Sports and Born Tough Blogs for the best ways of weight loss.
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