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  1. What I would sometimes when I was at that point of the program was go the distance, even if it meant running through the cool down portion of the workout. If it said to try and get to 2.25 miles, I'd run til my MapMyRun app told me I was halfway to that point and then turn around. The quicker times will come
  2. I know how that humidity can be. I was in FL for 2 weeks on business beginning of August, and I made myself stick to the C25K program. But that meant a couple of afternoon runs on the hot pavement. When I got back here to Chicago there was a cool front and almost no humidity and I felt like I could run forever.
  3. I finished the Zen Labs C25K, so I continued on with their 10K training app. Finished week 10 day 1 yesterday. Ran a 5k with my wife this morning out on the trails... Felt so good but I definitely need a rest day tomorrow. I played a pickup soccer game tonight and boy I'm feeling it right now!
  4. What I do is just go into my music app, which is the Samsung music player (or sometimes Google Play Music app) and start the music from there while I'm stretching. Then I just open the C25K app and start the workout. I've never really done my music through the C25K app. On mine, it fades the music down while giving run/walk prompts then brings it back up.
  5. I've done biking on my alternate days, helps with the leg strength. On the 20 minutes, how far are you getting? TThere's times for me right now where I'm at (10K trainer, running 3 sets of 15 minutes solid) that in the last set my legs tell me I've got to walk for a few seconds. I will mentally pick a section between trail markers or trees (I run out in the forest preserve) and tell myself "OK, I'm going to keep running to that tree...then I'll walk between those two trees, then I'm running again." Keep at it and you'll get it. Once I broke down that 20 minute barrier, I felt like I could accomplish anything!
  6. Go with what works best for you, and don't be afraid to push yourself a little. TThat's one thing I've noticed between running on a treadmill and out on the trails, out on the trails I can let myself slow down without realizing it.
  7. So much encouragement and awesome in this thread! Kudos to everyone starting off...you're taking the first steps toward regaining control over your health!
  8. Donna that's awesome! One of my motivators is that my mom is full-blown diabetic, and I see all the problems is causing her. I definitely don't want to head down that path.
  9. Good job! I hear ya on the impatience part! I'm kind of the same way! Just keep at it, the results are worth it!
  10. Welcome aboard! It's a great running program, you'll be glad you did!
  11. Wow... Weighed in this morning and I'm down 25# from my worst weight, down 15 from my old average!
  12. Without knowing what your diet is like, it's hard to say. I've really increased my intake of fruits and vegetables and lean protein since starting the program. Since I finished the 5K app and started the 10K app, I've been downing a can of V8 Fusion Energy when I wake up on a run morning. Then with getting dressed and stretching, by the time I hit the trail it's flowing and seems to have really helped.
  13. Just keep at it and you'll be amazed at what you can do! If you'd told me 5 months ago that I'd be running 4 miles, I'd have laughed at you. But now here I am, telling myself to get off the computer and get to bed so I can go do Week 9 Day 3 tomorrow morning!!
  14. Welcome to the forums! My wife took our dog out the other day, she didn't even last a mile. She was looking at my wife like "You're kidding me, right?"
  15. That is interesting. Our yard backs right up to the forest preserve trails so I can jump right on and go. I probably should vary my route more, but it just so happens that there's a loop that is 6.2 miles round trip from where I jump on. So now that I've been doing the 10K trainer, I tend to go that direction all the time. When I ran my first 5K, I forgot my headphones and couldn't hear the MapMyRun on my phone, so I had no clue how far along I was. For me, mentally that's a killer!
  16. You're definitely running waaaayyy faster than those who choose not to! Keep at it! There's nothing wrong with listening to your body, if it's telling you to repeat a week. Ultimately you know it best.
  17. You definitely want to give your body time to "heal". At least a day in between.
  18. I've been focusing on breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth, but also using the diaprhagm instead the shoulders (IE, push your belly out when inhaling). I've found that when I do that consistently, I can go 4 miles without huffing and puffing. My legs and hips might feel like they're going to fall off, but I can breathe!!
  19. I did finally pick up a pair of compression sleeves because I was starting to get some pain coming back. They seemed to have really helped. I'll have to try that alphabet thing tomorrow.
  20. jvincent78

    joint pain

    Properly fitted shoes are a major key. I will admit I grimaced at the price tag, but I viewed it as a long term investment in my health. If you can, talk to a chiropractor. I see mine probably once a month. Stretching is very important as well to help with the muscle pain. I've started stretching when I get back to the house after my 5 minute cool down, and that's seemed to help with sore muscles. Ultimately, talk to your dr. He/she will be able to give you the best advice. You definitely don't want to hurt yourself.
  21. Exactly! Was struggling to get out of bed the other morning...the air conditioning was a little on the cold side, the blanket was warm, and I thought to myself, "4 miles?" But I knew how good it would feel when I was finished...and was glad I did. Keep up the good work!!
  22. Awesome...glad you're still here! The program really is nice in that it eases you into it and makes you want to get back out and do it again!
  23. When I graduated high school, I said I"d never run again, unless the cops or a bear was chasing me Now I'm addicted to it. When work was crazy last week and I was working 12 hour days with no time to run, I was starting to get the shakes
  24. You keyed in on a good word there, lifestyle change. Since I've been doing the C25K program and a lifestyle change of eating healthier, people have been asking me what diet I'm on. I tell them, "Diet is a 4-letter word." The best thing about lifestyle change as opposed to some strict diet is that I was able to enjoy the Labor Day bbq and not feel guilty like I was cheating or something. And I'm finding more and more that healthy eating doesn't have to be boring, either! It's not about carrot sticks and celery! Keep up with the program and healthy eating, you may not see the pounds drop as fast but you'll notice the inches fading away.
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