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  1. I love Hal Higdon's plans. Here's one of his novice half-marathon plans. When is your race? The best thing you can do is just begin working on getting the miles done. The more miles you run, the faster you will naturally become. For this, I wouldn't really recommend speed training (that's how I hurt myself before my first half), but it may be helpful to hit some hills and whatnot! You can do it.
  2. The month before my half-marathon I had ITBS (Illiotibial Band Syndrome), sometimes called "Runner's Knee". My doctor gave me some strengthening exercises and stretches to help strengthen my hips. It went away over time, and I have yet to have an issue. I had gotten a really handy IT Band Strap that allowed me to run my half relatively pain-free. During my recovery, I did cycling and swimming instead of running. When I was able to gingerly get back on my feet, I did my running on natural trails as it was easier than pavement. Here's some good info on ITBS for anyone that suffers from it: http://strengthrunning.com/2011/02/the-itb-rehab-routine-video-demonstration/
  3. Because of my shoes, I tend to hit midfoot. I definitely wouldn't recommend heel striking as that'll lead to injury. I'd like to get into barefoot running at some point and play around with forefoot striking!
  4. I currently run in Brooks Adrenalines. I overpronate, so my feet appreciate the support. I always recommend that people find a dedicated running store that does gait analysis when buying running shoes. They will analyze your run and recommend a variety of shoes of different makes and price ranges that best suit YOUR running style. I go to a local store here in OKC called Red Coyote Running and Fitness. It's also a good place to go meet other like-minded runners. Many of those local running stores also host a variety of running clubs, which usually welcome runners of all ability levels! Remember, if you run you're a runner.
  5. Hello everyone! My name is Kris. I am a successful graduate of C25K and C210K. I started my journey in February of 2013 and since then have lost 150 lbs and went from running for 42 seconds to training for my first marathon in October! ZenLabs has been a HUGE part of my success! I often send them updates via Facebook, and I think I always mention how appreciative I am of their apps. I'm so happy they've opened up a community, and I look forward to being an active part of it; helping others who were in my place to achieve great success of their own! Good luck to everyone, get out and crush it! YOU CAN DO IT! Kris
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