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Hi Emmalee,   Congrats to you.  You can so do this!   Do not ever worry about it if you cannot finish, you are doing great and lapping anyone on the couch.   Good Luck!!!   We are all here for you

I'm starting today when I get home from work. This has been a trying year for me, as I was diagnosed in Feb with breast cancer, so I'm getting back to "normal". I plan on taking my dog with me for com

Hi KellyAnn I wasn't able to complete the entire 30 mins but I feel like I did great with what I did complete.

Started week 1 day 1 today. I was going to wait until the new year but figured 'what are you waiting for?' I literally just got up and got out there. I finished the 30 minutes. It was hard. I was not running or even jogging by 4 of 8. I was trotting. I think one reason it was so difficult was that i had not had any water since breakfast and it was 6pm. I had been running around all day I was hungry before i went out and i had a 100 calorie yogurt but that was it. I did not think to chase it with some water. I will do day 2 tomorrow and hopefully it will be a bit easier.

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Thank you. Day 2 and 3 were better. I started week 1 again. Week 2 day 2 was really difficult for me. I wanted to quit but that is not an option so I am doing week 1 again. I am moving and I feel good after. I still win. I did not give up.

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Hi MillerH,


Welcome on here!,    Awesome you finished your first day.  I would do every other day instead of every day.   You do what you feel is best for you.  I do,, M,W & F.  Then I usually repeat a day.  


I lift weights, do Crosfitt, hike, etc....  Good Luck to you!

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Hi Dare & Amy,


Welcome on here and way to go for starting.   You go this!  You can do it.  Feels great huh???


At the end of the run in your app, did it put a checkmark on that day?  I think it asks you if you want to post on social media and then it saves. 


But, you can also hold down on that day and it will put a checkmark there for you.   Hope this helps you.


Keep running you two.   We started an Accountabilty 2015 Board, post there!   HUGS!

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Hi guys!

I'm on day 2, only started but feeling motivated! I turn 30 this year so want to start as I mean to go on!

Have never ran in my life - I'm a good walker but really want to up my fitness and lose some weight. Hopefully the running will get easier as the weight comes off!

Best of luck to everyone! It's great that we can encourage and motivate each other here!

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Emmalee: I concur! It is a GREAT feeling to begin! And no matter how slow or fast, if I am out there, that is a success!  You will do better each day ... congrats on your first day!!!


Kwilcox: Right on!!! Congrats on your first day! Great tip! I enjoy listening to music or audio too - it passes the time.   I have Pandora, and only discovered iHeartRadio yesterday.  Handy, handy! Cheers!


Lea: Many thoughts and prayers of healing I will send your way. I cannot begin to imagine what it would feel like to receive a diagnosis of cancer. I am wishing many more continued days of what feels normal for you - continued healing, uplifting thougts and feelings that motivate and inspire you, music, books and movies that titillate your senses, friends and family that make you giggle and belly laugh, and of course many more entertaining walks with your dog!! I look forward to hearing how your walk/runs go and I hope to hear how cancer becomes a memory of triumph. With you heart and soul! Please keep us posted, (try Accountability 2015 forums for phenomanal support, inspiration, tips etc!!!! A great way to track your progress from week to week).  And HAPPY NEW YEAR siSTAR! Cheerfully, ~Shannon ps. My grandmother and mother are both cancer survivors. <3


Naeemah:  Whoohoooo!!! Right on! CHEERS!  So cool!  So many active peeps! Welcome to Zenlabs/C25k Naeemah! Looking forward to hearing about your second run!!


Tigga:  Right on, and GREAT ATTITUDE!  You were out there! That is a success regardless of how slow or fast AND regardless of completing 30 minutes!  It adds up! 


Tina: How to get marathon ready?  I would respond very simply by sharing one of my personal self-reminders:  One step at a time, one walk at a time, one run at a time. Days add up, minutes and pace too ... eventually a 5k, 10k, half and full marathons become attainable.  As a side note, some of us are super fit before we begin and others are not so fit, (I hibernated for nearly 10 years and only recently began exercising again). Regardless of how thin or thick we are; how fit or unfit we are .... each step brings us closer to our goals of health and vitality as we stay the course.   :)  I hope to hear how you continue to do! Cheers!! 


Cassiecat:  *hugs*... not to be redundant, yet wishing the same for you (see message to Lea) ... you are in my thoughts and prayers!  Cheering with you from afar, yet near in heart! Congrats on Week 2!!!!


Sharon, Brenda, Regina, Caprice, MillerH, Dareburton, Amyschintler:  WayHAY to go!! Beginning is so dang fun (and interesting :P ) - even if a bit painful the next day. LOL CHEERS! Keep at it!!


Hi Hermia! Thank you so much for the encouragement/luck and congrats on beginning!! Can't wait to hear more!!  Hope you keep us posted!!  

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I am new to running too, just completed day 2 of week 1. What a great forum, everyone is so encouraging and supportive. Deb


Hi Deb!  Congrats on day 2!   Welcome to the forums and I concur, there is a plethora of encouraging, inspirational and motivational support to be found here!   Can't wait to here more from YOU! Cheers!   

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