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    Just started

    Hi dareburton, if you hold down the little week and day button a tick will appear to say you have done it. Hope this helps :-)
  2. It's not really a problem, I find it quite funny. It's the water vapour from your breath, sticks to your hair and freezes but you can see it on your eyelashes. :-P
  3. How do you stop your eyelashes freezing?
  4. I use a powerbreathe to warm my lungs up when I'm running below 0° I don't know whether it's psychological or not but I find it a bit easier when I first start running. As for the wind I live in a windy place and I find the woods a good place to run when it's bad. You can't go flat out but it's more interesting and works your muscles in a different way. :-)
  5. Caz

    Week 1 Day 2

    It's a very good app isn't it? I like how you get to the end of a week and think you won't be able to achieve the next one but you always can just do it. It's very well planned :-)
  6. Caz


    Could you expand your question a bit please Elaine, it doesn't make sense om it's own.:-( There is a 5km app and a 10 km app 5km is just a touch over 3 miles.
  7. Hi chase, try not to worry about what other people think, they genuinely don't care as much as we think they do. I used to be the same thpugh, I ran early mornings and quiet times because I didn't want comments as I started to run at more busy times I did get comments, how far are you going? How far have you come? Are you training for something? And most commonly 'good on you' sometimes with 'I should run more' Also take up soccer again, you don't even notice you're running so much :-) good luck, I wish you all the best.
  8. Caz

    Do it everyday?

    No, you should give yourself a least 2 (separate) days off to let your body recover. Good luck for the programme :-)
  9. Hi Jo, of course it is possible but have a go as it is first and see where you're at. You may surprise yourself.
  10. Caz

    How to lose wight

    Hi Taylor, sorry to hear about your troubles ck and kelly ann are right - it's their problem. Probably not loved at home or something. A good friends are gold at these times. X Anyway don't lose weight quickly, you'll look a mess and the methods are generally not good for you. If you're parents will let you get up early and go for a walk or do c25k every morning before school. The weight will start to come off and it will make you feel more energetic and happier in the day. The other brilliant thing to do is a sport like football or field hockey anything that involves short bursts of running. You get so involved with the game you don't realise that you've just ran round for an hour. Remember it's not about being skinny that's just as bad as being chubby, you want to be fit and healthy and that's a lifestyle choice (one that will make you live longer than bitter people at school). It's perfectly achievable especially by you (someone who was prepared to admit their problem and ask for help) so stick at it and you'll get there. I did. X
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