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New to running - just done W1D3

Guest Kerry

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Well, YAY! Iv made it to end of week 1.

I am alittle out of shape, so starting C25K along side MyFitnessPal to hopefully shift excess LBs and begin a healthier me!

I do alot of walking, but cannot run to save my life. I didnt think id see the end off week 1 so successfully, didnt think i could run to end of street let alone 8x 60seconds. But, even though my shins started aching and my hip started hurting today, im positive to start week 2.


I have a feeling i may have to repeat some weeks as i progress tho, 8weeks maybe more like 16 :-D -- saying that i might surprise myself, i have so far.


Good luck everyone.

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W3D2 complete. Had to do slightly slower pace as leg still alittle sore.


Took my dog as shes loving these runs, and thought id brave taking mums SpanielX, he spent the whole run trying to get under my feet haha not helpful!


Got on scales this morning, those dreaded scales!! In 3weeks iv lost 7lb woohhooo

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