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  1. I'm new to running so no advice here - but sounds like a great goal! Do you bike and swim already?
  2. Hi Sue! Good for you getting started! I'm an outdoor runner (no gym membership, or treadmill) - so I'm determined to keep going thru the cold. Of course cold is relative and I'm in the south so not sure what your facing - but if you plan to run outside, I'd say an investment in good cold weather running layers is warranted... I'm not a fan of being cold, but the running helps keep ya warm!
  3. A late reply, but I wanted to chime in... Another hypothyroid girl here. I'm only on week 5 so haven't really lost any weight - and I don't really expect to til I get to running longer times regularly. But I do think energy level in general has gone up. And I feel less lumpy, so that's a plus.
  4. How about 'slog' - as in slow jog? That's what mine feels like! I'm super slow. But going further each week. And that's the key, I think. Compare yourself to yourself alone, not to anyone else - especially when just starting. Hang in there, Jay! You can't improve if you stop trying! Keep working at your own pace and I'm sure you'll see progress.
  5. Hello R4L! I'm hypothyroid so I know how hard it can be to get going sometimes - I've found even just the few weeks I've been doing on C25K have been helpful for energy levels. (Along with my usual meds of course!)
  6. I just finished week 4 and found it quite a challenge. R2 felt especially hard, although I did note that the second 5 min interval was the first time I felt like my legs were dying, and not my lungs! It did get a little better/more do-able feeling on R3. I did it - You can do it, too, Jaquie!
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    I've had some issues with the voice prompts being barely audible over my own playlist on my iPhone, even though the app voice prompt volume setting was all the way up. I checked the ringer volume in Settings->Sounds->RINGER AND ALERTS and found that volume set all the way down and I couldn't change it with the volume buttons while the headphones were plugged in (all that changed was the music volume). I changed the ringer volume using the slider in Settings and this seems to have helped a lot! Hope this helps others!
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