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How Low Carb Diets can Prove Valuable for Your Health?

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Some evidence shows that low carb diets can help people lose weight quickly, quicker even than being on a low fat diet. A low carb diet can be your perfect, rapid weight loss tool. In addition, low carb diets can have a major impact on preventing heart disease. 


Lowering your carbohydrate intake remains beneficial to reducing triglycerides, which is the major fat carrying substance in blood. Plus, HDL cholesterol – which is the good kind of cholesterol – receives boost if you reduce carbs in your diet. When cutting carbs, it is important to understand that whole grain carbohydrates are still good to eat. It is the processed, white starches like pasta, white flour and white bread that do the most damage and provide the least amount of nutritional value. Substitute foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains to intake a sufficient amount of minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. 


Here are the benefits of low carbohydrate diets for heart disease:


Low Carb Diet and Heart Diseases


Some studies showed that low carb diets are helpful in keeping the heart healthy as long as protein comes from healthy foods. 


•    Women who have had low carb diets – rich in proteins and vegetable fat – showed 30% lesser risk of heart disease and a 20% less risk of type 2 diabetes. However, another study showed no benefits to women who were on low carb diets, but ate a lot of animal fat and proteins. 


•    A small survey was conducted on the comparison of low-fat, high carb vegan diet to high vegetable fat and protein, low carb diet. The results were quite similar for those who were on weight loss regimen, but those who ate low carb diet noticed improvement in blood pressure.


•    HDL is the good cholesterol in your body that intends to carry good fats and cleanses the blood system. LDL, bad cholesterol, on the other hand, increases the chances of heart disease. A low carb diet, coupled with low-fat, proved to have great results in reducing heart stroke risk and other heart related factors. 




Eating a balanced diet is one way to mitigate various heart disease risk factors. A low carb diet that includes foods like fish, meat and dairy products are great to consume, but offer little benefit to weight loss and heart health. On the other hand, food items like fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts make a perfect amalgam for a well-balanced, low carb diet. The idea here is eat less bad fats and more good fats. Foods that contain good fats include:


•    Apricots, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. All these are low glycemic fruits. 

•    Nuts

•    Broccoli, un-starched vegetables, green beans and asparagus.

•    Unsweetened dairy foods like sour cream, yogurt and cheese.


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I've done strict low carb diets in the past and do try to live by it everyday. When doing it strict, i've lost 7lbs in a week. I bloat very easily and very badly with grains and typically with just heavy carbs in general so I find reducing the amount very beneficial for me. The only thing I struggle with when strictly doing no carbs, is my lack of energy. Any advice to balance that out?

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