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C210k week 9 onwards - who's with me?

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As of yesterday, I pretty much finished the 10K app.  Second straight W14 session (60 minute jog) and it went without a physical hitch.


I had trouble with the 5K schedule - injuries had me on the shelf for a couple months and I had to repeat days, up to 4 times, before succeeding at some of the harder challenges.


When I got back from my injury and almost completely restarted the 5K schedule, I blew through it like a hot knife through butter.  By the tail end, I was finally feeling my limits but my doctor says (and I agree) that it was good to build back up to that.


So I went from the 5K to the 10K schedule - Weeks 9 through 14.  The shocker was that I didn't have to repeat a SINGLE DAY!  I was worried that I wouldn't have enough time to build up to a 10K - but I've run 10K in an extended session twice!  I feel ready for the races I signed up for (next week - plane leaves tomorrow).

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense that going from nothing to 5K is a LOT more body-changing than going from 5K to 10K...

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Totally understandable Breezee. Whilst I will probably have the time(until everything starts up again), the weather has been a bit of a challenge with the heatwaves, I usually have to wait till about 7.30 so that it is cool enough to run by which it starts to get dark and safety then becomes a factor.


I'm 2 runs to starting the 10k, will let you know when I'm there and see if I can catch up with you. But I'd be keen to do this with you so that you can give me some pressure ◡̈

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Ok Breezee so I did W9d1 today, it was not easy but I managed to complete it and I am glad I did! Agreed, I think getting to 10k is going to be a challenge and am going to need all the help, motivation and encouragement. I ran into multiple side stitches and some other aches.


How are you going with your runs? You mentioned speed earlier, and now I'm worried that I might be going too slow!

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I got my first stitch while running yesterday - what a pain! Feeling a bit unmotivated. My tall slender friend who started c25k after me has just passed me big time. She is a whole 10 minutes faster than me doing 5km! I know it's different bodies but so hard to keep it up when I am putting in huge effort and not getting faster times. I'm not overweight just slow!!!

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