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Do these apps work. You be the judge

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Start 247lbs resting hr 74. 30 year smoker can't run 30 seconds without gasping for air.

Countless setbacks,injury (later I would call this conditioning).


3rd attempt finished c25k.


Completed 10 k trainer


Completed 13.1 half Marathon in 1hr 58 mins.


Currently, enjoying just running

197lbs resting hr 48

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Thx Anne and Rob, yep u bet I liked that time. I was so happy it nearly brought me to tears. The best part is that I think I could do better. My heart and lungs handled it no problem my average hr was 151. Don't get me wrong it was a punishing run. My legs took a big toll. Muscle,ligaments definitely feet and ankles hurt. I do believe it comes down to body conditioning. Keep putting in the miles and your body will get used to it.

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Awesome time on the half. Kicked my butt LOL!!

I totally get the feeling. I had tears running down my face as I crossed. It's just an unexplainable wave of emotion. Can't wait to see what 26.2 feels like next year!! (taking as year off buuilding distance to do speed work and try and medal in some smaller races)

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