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Hey I'm Gemma :)

I'm 24 and from the UK. I have twin boys who are nearly 5.

I struggle with dieting as I have next to no willpower, which is so frustrating! I want to lose the weight to be healthier, fitter and look better and yet I seem to sabotage myself every single time I start :(

I suffer from anxiety issues and used to be at the gym with my friend who is like my rock and that was brilliant, yet I find myself unable to go currently as she is due to have surgery on her foot to remove a metal pin that's become unstable. I need to grow a pair I know and just go to classes again, but I'm so self conscious of my size I worry.

At my heaviest I weight 23 and a half stone, and in 18 months got down to 16 stone 10 pounds, but have put some, not all, back on and want it gone, and to lose more.

I don't seem to look like I weigh what I weigh so I guess I should be thankful for that but I'm not happy and that's what matters.

I'm a vegetarian as well, no food with a face lol, and know a lot of the dieting stuff over here in the UK contain products such as gelatine so I can't then use them.

I'm looking at getting a nutribullet, so if anyone has experience of them please let me know :)

Thanks all x

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Hi Gemma :) I'm Grace, I'm 24 as well but from Australia! Just started today- for me my problem is a abysmal lack of fitness and motivation. Good luck with the C25K, it must be busy whilst juggling two little ones but I'm sure you're a super-mum in training.

I have one of the NutriBullet/ninja machines- it isn't a miracle machine but I find it helpful for making fresh fruit and veggie juices without loosing the fibre- tastes great and it's a nice neat way of keeping healthy- and you can make a good amount to keep in the fridge for the next day too. I would recommend it as an adjunct to a healthy balanced diet :)

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Thank you for replying :)

Do you find the nutribullet does make a smooth drink, I'm a bit odd as can't have drinks or yogs with lumps in as makes me feel sick, don't know why just always been like it, so looking for something that literally makes everything liquid so I can stomach it x

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hi There and Welcome to the both of you. 


Gema, thank you for sharing your story.


I sure hope you get over your fear and go back to the gym.   You are there to workout and get healthy, That is what a gym is for.


I am super proud of you for being out there.   


Keep us posted and Good Luck!

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Hi, Gemma. Like you, I felt like I had no willpower. So I'm doing what I have to do to stick with the program. It helps me to lay out my clothes the night before and to stick to the same morning time 3 days a week. Even though I hear that obstinate child voice "I don't wanna" before each run, I am able to keep moving through my morning routine to get to the run.


Take each day separately. It's daunting to think of the entire length of the program at one time. Just think about tomorrow and today. Either: tomorrow, I'm going to do it and feel great! or, today, I'm going to feel great and enjoy my rest tomorrow. It really helps me to enjoy each day, whether you are running or resting. That way there's no "bad day." Both days are crucial to success. It also helped me to re-frame rest days as "I'm working to recover my muscles" rather than "I'm taking the day off."


Positives vibes for you and please let us know how you're doing.

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