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Feels like one leg is longer/one leg gets extra sore


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I have a weird problem. I kind of favor my left leg when walking down stairs, have for a while.


When I run my left calf always gets a good burn and around my knee it feels really stiff. My right leg feels like it is keeping me taller and I after a while I start to kind of limp run.


Also, right at the top of my right thigh/hip I get this weird pinch when I bring my leg forward. I feel this if I lay down and lift my leg up in air as well. It's almost like my right leg is "locked" while my left functions normally.


I know this probably doesn't make much sense to someone else but does any of this sound familiar to anyone? It's such a weird thing and I desperately want to know what the deal is or what to do to fix or help it.

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Maybe you have a pinched nerve or tight hip joint?


I haven't experienced this problem, but I had life-long shin/calf pain when running, which I was able to clear by foam rolling and then using other tools to dig deep into the muscle/fascia. 


If you can, I'd check out a sports therapist or a professional that can look at your issue in person.

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My chiropractor gave me a 1/4 inch lift based on the measurements he found.  Walking more than an hour or so caused terrible pain that would last for days.  Now I feel like this silly little lift has given me back a part of my life.  Not all chiropractors will take the time though.  I'd been to 3 PTs, 2 Orthopedists, and several chiropractors, and an acupuncturist for over 20 years of pain before I found someone to give me this diagnosis!  Good luck and keep running!

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