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  1. My chiropractor gave me a 1/4 inch lift based on the measurements he found. Walking more than an hour or so caused terrible pain that would last for days. Now I feel like this silly little lift has given me back a part of my life. Not all chiropractors will take the time though. I'd been to 3 PTs, 2 Orthopedists, and several chiropractors, and an acupuncturist for over 20 years of pain before I found someone to give me this diagnosis! Good luck and keep running!
  2. Wow! Super proud for you. We BIG kids need to stick together. At 48 I'm not such a kid but I'm always happy and surprise when a get a "Way to go!" or "Keep it up" from skinny runners on the road.
  3. I think the first few weeks are the toughest. Not only are we building muscle, but bone mass! Keep it up for three weeks, even if you're doing the same workout over, and you'll see great improvements. This is from a 48 year old with 100 to loose!
  4. Wow Seema, I need to loose lots, too. This is my second time through a program like this. On my first time through, everything was weak, even my bones. The first three weeks were the hardest. After that it became so much easier, even though I was about 100 pounds overweight. Keep it up!
  5. Chelsea, Fantastic. I'm about 235 too. It takes a lot of get up and go at our weight. I'm 48, so that takes a bit extra, too! Good luck! This is my third time trying a program like this, and will be the 2nd I'll complete!!!! Good luck!!
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