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I've progressed to this Forum because I had a setback & didn't give up. W4 scared me a little at a time when I had already pushed my body too far. I took a break for more days than I should have, but reflection did come & I repeated W3D3 two more times to convince myself that I am doing the right thing. I will not repeat W3 anymore. Maybe I'll refer to the "W" as Workout Level, rather than Week. I'm proud to have completed W3 & will now commit to W4 for as long as it takes me

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For me running is more mental than physical. I weigh damn near 300lbs yet I keep forgetting that I am a fat guy.


You can do this! You got this! Don't tell yourself you can't do it or that it is too far.


Tip: I got through my first continuous 20 minutes run by doing a body scan every 5 minutes. I evaluated my pace, breathing, how my muscles fealt etc. I kept telling myself I just made it 5 minutes, what is another 5? I just made it 15 minutes 5 to go...piece of cake!


When you feel weak or lack that drive only focus on positive things. Even if you quit your run early. Look at only the positives.

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