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  1. Kinda stuck on W5. I did complete it with the 20 min run (so proud), but then went on vacation & did other activities. Returned to chaos at work, so skipped a second week. Just getting back into this week by repeating W5. Slow & somewhat steady. That's me.
  2. Thank you W4. It took me two weeks to complete W4, but it totally prepared me for W5. Just completed W5D1 with no trouble.
  3. Finished W4 and it wasn't horrible
  4. I suffered with PF for 18 months! It was awful. Finally beat it with hard arch supports in my everyday shoes (abeo sandals from The Walking Co saved me!). I did apply ice & did streching every morning. The final exercise that blew it away was . . . Put a dish towel flat on the floor in front of a chair. Put something kind Of heavy on the far end of it. Now sit in the chair, feet flat on the floor with toes on towel. Now pull the towel toward you with your toes. It's strength training for your feet!
  5. Third try was a charm! Just finished W4D1
  6. I've progressed to this Forum because I had a setback & didn't give up. W4 scared me a little at a time when I had already pushed my body too far. I took a break for more days than I should have, but reflection did come & I repeated W3D3 two more times to convince myself that I am doing the right thing. I will not repeat W3 anymore. Maybe I'll refer to the "W" as Workout Level, rather than Week. I'm proud to have completed W3 & will now commit to W4 for as long as it takes me
  7. Well, W4 turned out to be a week off. The strength training I did on Sunday was too much & I was so sore I couldn't do anything for 4 days! Today starts a new week, so I did W3 again. May do the same on Wednesday. I'll get to W4 eventually.
  8. Wow! Thanks for sharing. You're really listening to your body & caring for it through this journey. it's going to pay you back (muscle definition). The best payoff is how you feel & being able to enjoy an active life with friends & family. Rock on!
  9. W3, crushed it! Tomorrow is Sunday and I'll be trying a strength training workout with a friend. Then Monday is W4. Oh boy! I can't believe I'm doing all this.
  10. I nominate Tony and the big scary running life (aahowe). "Just keep moving your feet" is a great comeback to those doubtful thoughts that always creep into your mind. It reminds me of Dory from the Nemo movie who said "Just keep swimming". Thanks Tony for sharing your story with mad writing skills, I might add
  11. I'm on W3 & I'm sill loving this app! I'm 48 and have never been a runner. I weigh 180 (down from years at 190). I feel 100x better right now than I ever did the last 15 years.
  12. My biggest doubts come in the first half of the workout. I'm only on W3, so my mind doesn't have much time to argue myself out of it before the next walk period comes to "cool" my brain. After each workout, I always feel good & that feeling lasts and lasts. On my off days I try to remind myself how good I'm doing. I also try to notice that I don't have those doubtful thoughts regularly. I'm going to work on a good playlist to keep my mind at least half occupied during my workout, to see if I can't turn off those fearful thoughts.
  13. Woah! Great job. I'm just starting W3 and I've never been a jogger let alone a runner. I thought I was gonna fail when I saw 3min run, but I did it! Funny how my most doubtful thoughts happen in the first half of my workout and my most proud feeling comes after my workout and lasts for days.
  14. Finished W2! I have been going to Yoga once a week for about 2 months. I tend to love a particular activity until I do it so much that I burn out and quit. Rather than add more yoga, I added C25K. That's 4 days of fitness per week. Today is Sunday rest day for me. My muscles are tight and a little sore, but stretching feels SO good! I find myself doing a little torso twist just cuz it feels good. I was standing still waiting in the store & just felt the need to lunge a little to stretch out my calfs & hamstrings. I went to a wedding yesterday & did not indulge too much in all the amazing food offerings. Instead, I danced, alot! I love the balance of C25K & weekly yoga. I still get 3 days a week to give my muscles a rest and reflect on how I feel, breath and dream <3 bring on W3D1 tomorrow, I'm ready!
  15. Thanks! I'm looking forward to W2D2 tomorrow. Took an hour today for Beginner Flow Yoga, which really helps with breathing & posture.
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