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W8D3, you ain't got nut'n on me!


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AWESOME!!!! 34:36??!!! Super AWESOME!!!

It feels good doesn't it?!

What are your plans now? Sticking with the 5K or moving on to the 10?

I look forward to hearing. You've been very helpful and inspiring for me!!

As of right now I will not be continiung my run training in the short term. I'll continue running 5k as a regular workout and I'll participate in races but I'd like to push some focus back to barbell strength training. This C25K has been my primary focus for 8 weeks. I just have so little juice left in the tank to lift. Once I build up my endurance a bit more I'll have the extra juice to lift. I think I'll do that awhile and then....


10k? Maybe. Martial Arts? Maybe. Climbing? Maybe. American Ninja Warrior? I doubt it LOL


Rest assured I'm a runner and that will continue. I just think at this point 5K is a great distance to "Get your Zen on". I might knock it up to 5 miles so I can run across the river to Indiana when it get's nicer. A half mile long pedestrian/bike bridge. Sure looks worth the extra run to! The people in the foreground are rounding the giant loop(1/4 mile) that gets you up the bridge. it used to be a train bridge many moons ago.



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WOOHOO!!!  Nice place to run Azatol.. Jealous!

Now that I can use the iPod and free up the phone(and stop), I'll be able to take some photos and show you all The Belle of Louisville.  She's a 100 year old steam powered riverboat with a wooden paddlewheel. A beautiful ship parked in downtown Louisville which is on the river. I run most often on the river path which means I run right by her(Like within 10 feet ).

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Good news bad news day. The good news is I went out running with no plan, goal, distance anything. I decided it was a free day as a reward. I stopped and took some pictures that I'll share with you folks in the next couple of days.(busy and unhappy night). After about 2 miles I began to get some knee discomfort in both knees. Almost a feeling of my knees wanting to crack like your knuckles. It didn't hurt but felt very awakward. I immediately stopped running. It was a mile or so back to the gym. Temp was rapidly dropping into the 40s and a 15 mph wind rolling off the river. It is AMAZING how fast your body temp drops once you stop running more than 5 minutes. I was numb by the time I got back to the gym. I was just wearing shorts and a shirt.


Went to Fleet Feet and was assured I'm not done running. Having a month long shoulder injury destroy my lifting makes me very sensitive to injurues and I was kind of freaking out. Running was love at first sight for me and after losing lifting, it was instant terror. I had done some sprinting yesterday on the treadmill. I know I'll get yelled at for that as it was my rest day but I was just full of energy after finishing Monday. I was walking and it just unintentionally turned to sprinting. The going theory is that I just pushed myself to far and need some rest and possibly compression stuffs for my knees. I was also given a phone number for a physical therapist if it continues for more than a few days. Just going to do a total rest day tomorrow. Not even push for my 10k steps.

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Good Morning Az! Thank you for sharing the above - I feel encouraged, and on the right track. Even if only one day of over-doing - I appreciate how you are paying attention to pain vs. ignoring it. I tend to dwell on what I wasn't able to do, or that I am not pushing myself hard enough (or worse, in the past, I'd call myself a wimp and press on).  Today, because I've paid attention, my knees feel better.   


Btw, I love how you reward yourself with exercise! Talk about a life/game-changer!  CHEERS!

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