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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! Very motivational and just what I needed.
  2. The phone goes in my bra! Then I look like I have have a square boob but I KNOW its not going to fall out and it's not that easy to pull out.
  3. Dgirard has my plan down. I'll do an extra week of the prior one. You can always work your way up to completing it. Don't let it beat you down. So what if you do it in 3 days or 6 or 9! Just keep working towards your goal!!
  4. Thanks for that tip -I'm near Chicago and weather has been pretty dicey lately! Twisted my ankle a day after getting 16" of snow a week and a half ago, think I'll be hitting up Dick's Sporting Goods!
  5. DONE-NO CHEATING OR WIMPING OUT!!!!! Thank you Katie Perry for that last push-ROAR!!!!
  6. I think I need to do Week 3 for a second week. What do you guys think? I am clearly not ready for Week 4. I can try it and fail each time or try again in a week???
  7. Week 4 Day 1 just kicked my a$$. Huge difference from week 3! I short-changed one of the 5 min by about 30 seconds but I made the rest and am now ready to die
  8. Where is that bridge at? Is that the Ohio river? Anywhere near Louisville?
  9. I too only run in the dark. But I've started to take the attitude of "hey, at least I'm up doing it!" When cars go by.
  10. So I just completed Week 2, Day 3 for the 2nd day. I just don't feel like I am ready for Week 3. I slipped on the ice tonight and landed on my bad knee. Now I'm worried. BUT I finished the workout with a hobble and now have ice on my bruised and swelling knee. I have lost 4#!! I hope I can run tomorrow. I NEVER thought I would make it through week 1!
  11. How long after a meal (dinner) should I wait to do my workout? Also, how close to bedtime is too close to do a workout? I have horrible insomnia and don't want to get messed up even more. Thanks for your responses!
  12. Thanks guys - just did week 1, day 3 - have to go slow because of all the ice and snow here. I think I will throw an extra day of a week 1 workout in before moving on to week 2. Shins don't hurt as bad as they did earlier this week!!
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