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Almost there. W7D3

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I am getting so super excited to run 5k!! Tomorrow is w7d3 for me. I am so excited I want to run everyday so I can do it faster. Lol, but of course, I won't. I'll take my rest days and kill the 5K!! (I hope) Who else is on week 7? I know azatol is. I'd love to hear everyone's stories!!

A cold front has moved in this week, but I am determined to finish this outside. I have never run inside yet. -6 tomorrow and -11 on Thurs. I may experience those frozen eyelashes yet!

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How exciting HealthyLife!!!  So close to the big day!  Your energy and excitement is contagious! Your desire to run even faster, and personal choice to pace yourself means you are listening to your body and paying attention. Right ON!  I bet you'll nail that 5K and I can't wait to hear about it! 

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I did w7d3 today. Freezing cold out and an incredibly annoying runny nose. But no snotsicle or frozen eyelashes!!

I run every other day,unless I am feeling super pumped and then I may either redo the last day or try to go for the next one up. I usually walk with a friend on my days off from running. I also do Zumba on my days off.(time permitting) I am looking to add something else strength wise to my work outs. I was doing a 3lb. Weight workout on my arms, but found adding all of this to my once sendentary lifestyle a little overwhelming and time consuming. So I decided to focus on cardio first. Once that is regular routine (which it is now) I'll add strength. So anyone have any fave strength workouts. Arms especially. Once upon a time I did p90x. (Like years ago!!) My husband installed chin up bars in our basement. It's kinda a joke to us now. I can barely hang my own weight from it, let alone pull up!! I couldn't then either. So Ya, I need upper body work. Oh boy, this reply got away from me. Sorry!! I hope I answered your question in all that rambling!!

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Thats hilarious with the toilet paper wads.  I am sure we all have stories to tell about our noses, potty issues, etc...   I have used the inside of my exercise top to blow my nose, yuck right??


I live way in the country, noone sees me run or hike.  One day, I had to really - YA KNOW - GO!  TMI, but funny.  I was close to home, but could not make it, nothing to wipe with but a rock,  HA HA HA HA, I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER forgot my tissue in my pocket EVER EVER again, hee hee....


When I ran in Holland, Europeans do not care at all where they go with number 1, seriously, in a race, and the lines are too long at the potty, they will just go right next to it.  Gotta pee while shopping?? just go in the bushes.  I had to retrain my little boys when we got back to the States, they didnt understand at WalMart Parking lot, why they couldn't just use a bush.  lol


Anyways, funny stuff...

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