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  1. Richard

    Almost there. W7D3

    Wk 8 day 3 done now I move onto C210K.
  2. Richard

    Almost there. W7D3

    wk8 d1 done
  3. Richard

    Week 5 day 3

    Starting wk 8 this wk
  4. Richard

    Week 5 day 3

    Week 7 day 1 done all good
  5. Richard

    Week 5 day 3

    wk6 d3 done and dusted tough but all good starting wk 7 Friday good to feel fit again
  6. Richard

    Who else struggled day one??

    Come on you can do it. Trick is take it easy if its getting tough the best is to slow down your pace.
  7. Richard

    Week 5 day 3

    Finished wk 5 day 3 today did the 20 mins but must admit had to watch my breathing and slow down to make sure I finished but I did it.