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  1. It's been a month with no response from ZenLabs. I'll take that as a "no" that it's not possible to view the current status on a Garmin watch while running. Seems like both a shame and an opportunity...
  2. I do the same thing, @Ninjajedi, but wish I could start the app on my phone and *see* it on my watch. I agree that the Garmin is more accurate.
  3. Is it possible for the Android C25K Pro app to work directly with a Garmin Forerunner watch (model 235 in my case)? I'd love to see walk/run time left on the watch face rather than having to pull my phone out of my pocket and unlock it. The C25K Pro app is running on a Pixel 2 XL / Android 10. The Garmin Forerunner is paired to the phone via BlueTooth so everything's connected.
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