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  1. In July I made it to week 6 before dropping out so better luck this time
  2. C25k week 5 day 2 tough, back killed but made it!
  3. The sad thing is I got half way through week 6 then stopped for 3 months so I'm now back on wk4 day 1 lol
  4. I took 3 attempts but then finally got there just ran 3 minutes followed by 3 minutes etc, mentally it worked and I got there, slow and steady wins the race
  5. Smoking! I stopped a year ago after 20 years as a light smoker by buying a Vape e cigarette. It was soooooo easy and I've never felt better, or smelled better come to that, go for it
  6. I'm on week 3 day 3 with my 18 year old son, both too heavy, this is my second try, I got to week 6 last time but then moved house and got out of the habit. That was 3 months ago so had to start from scratch, it's tough but we help eachother
  7. Wk6 d2 completed, made the distances but not the Times. That will improve, went away at the weekend for a party and I've had lung or pain in the top of my chest, feels like indigestion, hope it passes.
  8. I had trouble looking at that but remember walking pace is 4mph this is only 5mph so it's a brisk walk. 60mins/5mph = 12 mins per mile so yes it looks fast but it's between a walk and a jog. I've been doing 10mins per mile pace up to week 5 then failed the 20min run as it was too fast, so slowed down and now it's fine. I wouldn't worry too much about speed at this stage it's more about completing the sections, the speed will improve.
  9. Completed wk6d2 this morning, tough after a weekend of partying
  10. Haha yes Kelly ann I spotted that too
  11. Wow, wk5 day 3 is such a scary milestone and I failed first attempt, way too fast, got to 16 minutes, slowed it down to 4.5mph and breezed it yesterday, the comments here are so helpfull
  12. Foodie how you getting on? Week 5 day 3 rocks as long a you go slow, such a milestone, I did it yesterday and I'm buzzing
  13. Sieg download the c25k app, skip each day then it will offer you the c210k app
  14. Nice to see you are keeping going and positive, you WILL do it, I've pulled my achilles tendon running too fast but a couple of days rest stretches and ice packs and I completed wk5d3 so it's now becoming an activity I'm looking forward too, up to now it's been soo tough.
  15. Waking up today with a hunger to run, my legs are pumped. But I've got a 5 hour drive ahead of me so will have to be tomorrow. Today is rest day anyway. Left achilles still sore, but been stretching it off, I guess it's shortened with inactivity over the years. Feeling really positive, c25k rocks!
  16. I did wk5 day yesterday, nice and slow 4.5mph found it pleasant and really gave my confidence a boost, I can see why it there to give a challenge.
  17. Thanks Hermes I did what you said and sailed through, I enjoyed it. Looking forward to week 6, I'm waking up now wanting to run every day
  18. Thanks Hermes I did what you said and sailed through, I enjoyed it. Looking forward to week 6, I'm waking up now wanting to run every day
  19. Ok slowed it down to a steady jog and completed Wk5 D3 just now, it was easy and fun loved every minute. The advice I got on here that I was going too fast was good. Thanks
  20. Awesome read, I completed wk5 d3 today 2nd attempt, last attempt was way too fast so I slowed it down and found it easy today.
  21. Nearly made it, I was mentally able to push through but calf pain got me at 16 minutes and now I'm limping. Will try again in 2 days. Well done you though herme s, I maybe will slow down a but I was going at 11min/mile pace
  22. Hit the wall at 16 minutes w5day3 calf strain got too painful. Not too gutted though that's twice what I've run so far.
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