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  1. Susan, thanks for that. I'll try to remember that when I'm doing that run tomorrow. Nervous, for sure.
  2. Hey Folks, First time posting here. I'm starting week 5, day 1 today and I noticed that day 2 has the first distance requirement vs minutes. Does the app track distance travelled for those days? I also noticed that day 3 this week has a major jump in running (2 miles!). I saw that and had a WTF moment. Thanks.
  3. George, Here's what I've noticed on my iPhone 6. If your phone is on silent, or if the Do Not Disturb is on, it won't work properly. So, I always turn the ringer on and DND off, and the prompts work fine in my headphones (cutting through music, podcast, or Pandora apps). Hope that helps.
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