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  1. I have tendinitis in my shoulder and a pinched nerve in my elbow. I stopped running because of the throbbing pain, but I'm wondering when I should start running again. The pain is almost gone, it acts up when I over work my arm. Any thoughts?
  2. Kat94

    Sleep or run

    I went for the run, I decided that if I needed to stop in the middle I would. I didn't have to stop
  3. I trained through the C25K just so I could actually run 5k. No I am training to run the 5k at a faster pace. I tried running faster when I first started training and injured my foot. Try increasing your speed every other day but be careful not to injure yourself.
  4. If you don't sleep very well the night before you run, is it better to sleep in and skip the run or suck it up and go for the run. I'm really tired but feel guilty for thinking of not running. Thanks!
  5. I will eat a rice cake with some natural peanut butter or almond butter and half a glass of water.
  6. Is it nerves in the toe causing "pins and needles" pain or in the bridge of your toes or in the joint (knuckle?) part of your toe.
  7. I was running everyday and injured my foot. I was off for three moths waiting for it to heal. I now run every other day and pay closer attention to how my legs and feet feel during my runs. Good luck with the running!
  8. Are you running at a fast pace? I found that I was struggling the first 3 weeks, but I slowed my pace down and it is much easier. Try slowing your pace down so your not forced to breathe as hard.
  9. Start by waking up half an hour earlier and slowly increase how early you wake up. Make sure you're getting enough sleep to wake up earlier though. Your body will eventually get used to it.
  10. I finished W5D3 yesterday and I ran slowly but I didn't stop during the 20 minutes of running. I too am carrying a bunch of extra weight, so I understand how you feel. Find a good pace that keeps you challenged but won't cause injuries. It does get a bit easier each time and repeating something is totally fine as long as you're not letting it stop you from moving on to the next week. I will be repeating W5D3 because I want to see if I can improve my pace and run farther. Keep it up and it will start to get easier!
  11. I agree with torus_ot. I used to have the same problem, I was embarrassed how the excess weight jiggled every time I walked or ran on the treadmill and ashamed that I had let myself get to that point...until one day I realized that everyone has to start somewhere and who cares how I look. As long as you are making an effort to make yourself healthy and feel better about yourself that's all that matters! Try jogging on a trail that is popular with other runners so you're not alone, but have the shelter of trees to make you not so scared of running in public. That's how I started running in public and got over my fear. Keep us posted on how you do!
  12. When I run I find that my Achilles' tendon gets really tight in my right ankle. I stretch after the 5 minute warmup and find that I am having to after running each time. I bought new shoes which has helped a bit, but am still having it happen. Any ideas on how to stop it?
  13. Finished w3d2 and am ready to complete w3 and move on
  14. I know once I lose some weight it will be much easier to run. I just need to get my head wrapped around clean eating. I may have to move.....I live above a Dairy Queen lol.
  15. I know once I lose some weight it will be much easier to run. I just need to get my head wrapped around clean eating. I may have to move.....I live above a Dairy Queen lol.
  16. Completed w3d1 today! I said goodbye to the mental block that kept me stuck on w2d3 and embraced the challenge. What was great is that it wasn't as bad as I feared
  17. Thank you to everyone posting about how they are on w5,w6 and w7
  18. Thanks, I figured it would be best to get new shoes. Guess I'm going shopping this weekend
  19. Feeling tired (perhaps lazy?) and not wanting to go for a run....but I am going to anyway. I'm thinking of how good I feel when I'm done. W2 D3 here I come!
  20. I find that I am motivated in the mornings so I just suck it up and run despite the weather. So rather than let the temperature give that "dreading" feeling, think of how you feel after your run As for feeling embarrassed about running in public, I was the the same way. I realized that people can think whatever they want, I'm out running trying to get fit and healthy, what are they doing? Now, I occasionally experience the "I must look pathetic" when I see people running long distances with so much ease. But then I shake my head and remember that they had to start somewhere just like me. Happy running everyone
  21. @Catlynk I would appreciate joining you and the other girls for motivation!
  22. I bought my shoes last summer after I got injured from running in crappy shoes. However I hopped back on the lazy train after the injury and have only worn them off and on trying to get my motivation back. Well the motivation is back, but I am noticing that my right ankle gets really tight while running (on w2d2) and I am trying to figure out if the shoes are worn out or the insoles have lost their cushion. I try stretching my ankle during the workout, but it only lasts until I start running again. Has anyone only replaced the insoles or should I buy new shoes. Thanks
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