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  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence and tips!
  2. I just finished w1 d3...for the second time. I wanted to make sure I am ready to start w2 d1 and I am!
  3. I just finished w1 d3...for the second time. I wanted to make sure I am ready to start w2 d1 and I am!
  4. That's what I am doing. I missed going out for a walk one day and felt guilty because of it lol. Thanks for the advice
  5. I am forcing (and I truly am) myself to run a 5k. I am out of shape and obese. I was recently told that I have some health concerns which has scared the crap out of me. I have registered for a 5k in June and am looking for any and all tips on how often I should train. Thanks!
  6. I am w1d3 tomorrow. I injured myself when I got to w4 and then got lazy again. I had to start all over again. Keep working at it and it will get easier. I am totally up for cheering each other on because it is hard but I can already feel the accomplishment
  7. Just a heads up for everyone, I received another email of the same type which I will be deleting
  8. Kat94

    Healing time

    I pulled all of my lower back muscles and strained my shoulder muscles causing a pinched nerve. My back is a little stiff if I sit too long, and my shoulder is much better. How long should I wait before I start jogging again. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Kat94

    Burning skin

    It was a bra that had finally broken down and didn't fit properly. My smaller band size is working much better and no more burning sensation!
  10. Kat94

    Where to start

    i haven't been able to run in 5 weeks due to an aggravated metacarpal in my big toe. My last run was Week 5 Day 1. Where should I start off? I was thinking of going back to the 3 minute runs just to make sure that it has fully healed, but I don't want to be going backwards. Thanks for any tips
  11. I received the same one and I think it's a scam. I will not be replying to it and am trying to figure out how to delete it from my private messaging. It was sent to my email also which is annoying. I will be changing my preferences if it happens again.
  12. It's still sore, but I can at least walk without a limp I'm going to go walking tomorrow morning, but will walk carefully. Not being able to jog sucks!
  13. I procrastinated in buying new running shoes because I didn't want to spend the money. I recently purchased new ones (which I love) but it's too late. Because I was running in shoes that no longer had the support or cushioning the metacarpal in my big toe got aggravated and has swelled up to the point I can hardly stand and walk. My tip is to pay attention to your shoes and make sure that you have enough support in them! I haven't been able to continue my training, but am hoping that in a week I will be back. Let's hope this anti-inflammatory prescription works quickly.
  14. Kat94

    Burning skin

    Thanks TrishE for tips. I have started moisturizing before I work out and it sort of helped. I will keep everyone posted on why works because I am sure I'm not the only one having this issue
  15. Kat94

    Burning skin

    I am wondering if anyone has experienced their nipples burning while running. I am on week 4 and running 4 -5 times a week ( it was 0 times before I started this journey) and wondering how I can solve it so I can continue getting fit and healthy. Thanks!
  16. Kat94

    Numbness feet

    I had the same thing with my old running shoes. A client of mine is a triathlete and she said it could be the "toe box" is too tight. I got new running shoes with a wider toe box and haven't had any problems since. Hope you figure it out!
  17. I am trying to lose 50+ lbs as well. I am not denying myself my favourite foods, but am limiting how much I have. If I eat pizza or a chocolate bar, I will workout longer to burn those extra calories....or at least some of them lol.
  18. If you need to repeat week one, repeat it. I have repeated some days because I want to feel confidant in starting the next week. Remember that doing the workout is better than doing nothing! Good luck
  19. I have the same problem with breathing. I am working on the in through the nose out through the mouth. Good luck!
  20. I felt as if I was struggling with the 3 min runs, so what I did was repeat that week again, but would also complete the first week workout after that. My body got used to longer workouts, so that helped. I then realized that my brain was playing tricks on me. Just because you think you're having a hard time doesn't mean you can't try to do the 5 min runs. If you have to pause to take a break, take a break! Just don't take one for too long and don't take one for laziness It's better to try and not do so well than to not try at all. Good luck!!
  21. My sister runs marathons (she got the active gene and I got the not-so-active gene) and she will run on both pavement and on trails. She has told me to take both locations slowly until I get used to running again. She also says that having the right shoes is important.
  22. Kat94

    Healthy changes

    Sometimes when I look things up I lose my appetite seeing how bad it is for me.
  23. One of my Phys Ed teachers taught me to "pinch the fat" on the side that has the stitches. I found it worked on most occasions. However don't pinch too hard to hurt yourself lol. You will pass this obstacle, so keep up the good work!
  24. Kat94

    Healthy changes

    My problems are chips of any kind, and candies. Gimme those gummy worms, sour ones included etc. my dad used to tel me I would turn into a potato chip when I was younger because I ate so many. Good luck to you as well! I am using My Fitness Pal along with this and it really opened my eyes to all of the bad ingrediants in packaged food.
  25. Hi everyone, I am currently on week 4 day 2, and am enjoying being able to jog again. I have realized that my food choices need to change as well. Can anyone suggest how to put a stop to my sweet, salty and high carb cravings?
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