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    Healthylife4me reacted to Vtbikergirl in First 5k   
    I went and did it and loved it.
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    Healthylife4me reacted to HarleyMike in W8D3   
    Woot! Finished first 5k in 23:43, 2nd in my age group (25-29) and 22nd overall! I was amazed at my time. I was going for under 26 minutes and figured I'd be doing great if I was under 25 minutes. Would have never thought I would have run in under 24! Thank you guys for all the encouragement and look forward to progressing more using the c210k app. Run on all my friends!
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    Healthylife4me reacted to Hermia in En route to my first 5k!   
    About to do my first race, I booked it when I started out with the app so I'd have a goal and here it is! St. Patrick's Day race through Georgian Dublin, happy Paddy's day for Tuesday from Ireland everyone!
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    Healthylife4me reacted to Overthehill in Week 8, Day 3!!   
    Yay! Congrats to you! Great job! I just finished Week 6 Day 3. Can't wait to get where you are! Congrats again!
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    Healthylife4me reacted to Hermia in Week 8, Day 3!!   
    Just about to head out to do my last run! May not be going as far as I should but I'm nearly at the 5k and I don't think I've ever been so proud of myself. 8 weeks ago, I was praying for the 60 second jog to be over; now I'm heading out for my half hour! Keep it up guys cuz if I can do it, anyone can!
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    Healthylife4me got a reaction from TheRoseWithin~Shannon in Get your hands off that phone!   
    I also agree. Put it away and forget it. Think about other things. Like the outdoors around you. Gardens, lights, anything. I like to make my mental notes of things I need to pick up at the grocery store, chores or think of a movie or book I may have just watched/ read. Lol, anything to get my mind off of how much time is left!!
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    Healthylife4me reacted to Rickydeskins in dear god lol   
    W1d1 complete and this begins my transformation. My first 5k is in march. Right now I'm 5'10" and 295lbs. W1d1 almost killed me but i made it the whole way. I'll keep Y'all updated on my progress
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    Healthylife4me reacted to TheRoseWithin~Shannon in Week 3 Day 1   
    I'll be thinking of you too Deb!!  
    Healthy ... "who cares who see us"!  YeeHAW! I love it! I have been and will continue to be refarming this area of my life as well.  This area has always been a big challenge for me.  It is so empowering to let my assumptions and judgments go AND also let the facts, opinions, perceptions or judgement of others, lay where they originated - at the source.  So a self/other-compassionate and always respectful... 
    Who Cares and So What!
    ...might be my new motto anytime I catch myself being a bit too self-absorbed while exercising. I'm dead serious! LOL  I doubt the person who might see me cares, so why should I.  I AM after all moving forward, (quite literally)    
    Now that said, I do care. I think I will always be the type that worries this way - although I hope not forever as it is so draining.  However, I am learning to care in a more empowering way by changing what I think and even changing my assumptions - however much an ass they make out of me. LOL  Instead, they might be looking at me, and they may even be judging me, yet here is what they are saying: 
    "That is so cool that she is out there running. I can see that she is struggling a bit, yet she is out there doing her best to make a difference in her life. Good for her! Hmmm, I think I might start exercising too!"
    Yes, I'm poking fun at myself and having fun!  Who cares! LOL  Thank you Healthy!!!  Exercising is definitely helping with self-confidence!  So too are the folks here!
    edit: I said refarming up above. I meant reframing!  Yet refarming is apt. LOL
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    Healthylife4me reacted to debwal124 in Week 3 Day 1   
    Ahhhh thanks for your lovely replies and words of encouragement. My alarm will be set in the morning ready for day 2 of week 3. Will keep you posted on my progress and watch this space for news that I have been brave enough to run in the daylight
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    Healthylife4me got a reaction from TheRoseWithin~Shannon in Week 3 Day 1   
    You're doing great Deb!! Keep it up!!
    I know what you're saying about people seeing you run. I have 2 routes that I run. My daytime route (road with very little houses and cars whip by and won't notice 'who' is running) And my nighttime route. (which is subdivisions)
    Those posts above did put things into perspective though! Who cares who sees us! We are doing something great for ourselves!!! You can do this Deb!!! I'll be thinking of you on my next daytime run!!
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    Healthylife4me reacted to cendorly in Get your hands off that phone!   
    I was doing this today, checking my phone ever few seconds seeing how long I had left until I walked.  I'll have to try leaving my phone in my pocket next time.
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    Healthylife4me reacted in Heart Rate Monitor ?   
    Chest heart rate monitor is the most accurate!
    I am planning on buying garmin soft strap but even polar is good from what I heard
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    Healthylife4me reacted to CrashLN in W1D1 for my husband   
    I've dealt with shin splints a lot too. Immediately following his next run, have him put ice packs on his shins. Great job!
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    Healthylife4me reacted to KellyAnn in W1D1 for my husband   
    Uuugh. Hate those shin splints. Does he run too fast at the start when it says run???? I had those years ago and slowed down at the start and that helped. Pretty cool he is going with you. I love it.
    I love how everyone here helps each other on their journeys. So encouraging. Hugs to you all and keep at it.
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    Healthylife4me got a reaction from Azatol in W1D1 for my husband   
    Today was w2d2 for hubby. He is pretty sore, but he went with me anyway. He has shin splints. Especially on the right leg. Funny thing is he hated the walking portion of the program. He said it didn't hurt when he was running, but very painful when walking. I told him we'll (meaning I'm going to go alone, lol) rest up for an extra day or 2 until his shins feel better. Then we'll try again. that's what I love most about this program, no stress. Take it as our bodies handle it. That and everyone's support. This place rocks!!
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    Healthylife4me reacted to KellyAnn in Week 3 Day 1   
    Hi Deb, 
    YAY for you.  So proud of you, you are doing great.   Don't worry about running in the daylight, I am sure that they are looking at you thru the window in the dark and saying, WOW, LOOK AT HER GO, wish I was like her out running.
    You have to be proud of yourself.     GO DEB, Keep us posted!  
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    Healthylife4me reacted to debwal124 in Week 3 Day 1   
    I was up bright and early again this morning to do day 1 of week 3. I am still at the stage where I will only run when it's dark so no one can really see me!!!!!! Still getting up T 5.30am to do my run before I go to work. Need to try and get out in the evening too, however think the mornings are better for me. Not sure about the whole breathing thing, I have started chewing gum to help me focus and regulate my breathing. Have to say, I found it hard today running for 3 mins but I did it and carried on. At this stage I just can't imagine being able to run for any length of time..........will see what happens. I am so pleased that I have got this far
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    Healthylife4me reacted to TheRoseWithin~Shannon in Week 3 Day 1   
    Right on Deb!!  Keep it up, pretty soon, you will not be concerned with what you assume others may or may not be thinking as your confidence in self will explode within, and 'their thoughts' will simply be 'their thoughts' ONLY!  You're out there!  Congrats!
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    Healthylife4me reacted to Azatol in W8D3, you ain't got nut'n on me!   
    As of right now I will not be continiung my run training in the short term. I'll continue running 5k as a regular workout and I'll participate in races but I'd like to push some focus back to barbell strength training. This C25K has been my primary focus for 8 weeks. I just have so little juice left in the tank to lift. Once I build up my endurance a bit more I'll have the extra juice to lift. I think I'll do that awhile and then....
    10k? Maybe. Martial Arts? Maybe. Climbing? Maybe. American Ninja Warrior? I doubt it LOL
    Rest assured I'm a runner and that will continue. I just think at this point 5K is a great distance to "Get your Zen on". I might knock it up to 5 miles so I can run across the river to Indiana when it get's nicer. A half mile long pedestrian/bike bridge. Sure looks worth the extra run to! The people in the foreground are rounding the giant loop(1/4 mile) that gets you up the bridge. it used to be a train bridge many moons ago.

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    Healthylife4me reacted to Azatol in W8D3, you ain't got nut'n on me!   
    Now that I can use the iPod and free up the phone(and stop), I'll be able to take some photos and show you all The Belle of Louisville.  She's a 100 year old steam powered riverboat with a wooden paddlewheel. A beautiful ship parked in downtown Louisville which is on the river. I run most often on the river path which means I run right by her(Like within 10 feet ).
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    Healthylife4me reacted to KellyAnn in W1D1 for my husband   
    Hey H4ME!,  
    Thats awesome..    You are so lucky that your hubby will run with you.  Mine never has.  BUTTTTTTT, heis walking with me now, so we go about 6x around our track 1/4 mile around once, and then he goes in to work and then I do the app.  I do love it, as at least he going with me.   
    Proud of you all.  
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    Healthylife4me got a reaction from KellyAnn in Almost there. W7D3   
    Awesome Richard! We're only a running day apart. I just finished W8D2. I'm so excited!
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    Healthylife4me reacted to Azatol in W8D3, you ain't got nut'n on me!   
    Felt awesome. Weather perfect. I just went for broke. 34:36 to clear the full 5k. BLAM!
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    Healthylife4me reacted to TheRoseWithin~Shannon in W1D1 for my husband   
    Healthy! How exciting!  Please share with him that I so admire his courage in getting out there (running and skiing) in spite of and because of his nervousness  What a blessing for both of you - connection, family, health - life-affirming values come to mind. Smiling!
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    Healthylife4me reacted to TheRoseWithin~Shannon in W1D1 for my husband   
    I betcha ... they will want to join in when they see how much fun you two are having.
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