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    Swathi got a reaction from NikSix in I have thicker muscly thighs.. And I would like to slim them down   
    portion control, and exercise will help in losing weight, please intersperse running with strength training and rest , Eat wisely and you will reach your target goal. it takes about 6 weeks for you to see the results and 12 for others   happy running
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    Swathi got a reaction from fromwv in How should I push myself?   
    Focussing on consistency is more important than speed! add strength training on alternate days.. there are plenty of videos available on good posture while running.
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    Swathi got a reaction from maryjane in Getting started again   
    Starting all over again.. all the best! Alternate your runs with stretching/weights and don't forget to have rest days..
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    Swathi reacted to Jmunkelt in Week 9   
    Just finished a 3 day streak 5k 6.3k and a 5k. Tired but ok. Thx zen for the app
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    Swathi got a reaction from nixter83 in Question re workout sequence   
    you can repeat the same day again too.. it does not matter, you can repeat weeks listen to your body and carry on
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    Swathi got a reaction from FrecklesFoxx in Legs exercises   
    you don't have to be in pain when you are doing leg exercises. you can try using elastic bands and exercise with it and may be listen to your favorite music? 
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    Swathi reacted to torus_ot in Food before running?   
    Try it.  If you body is in need of  calories you will fill your "cotton" legs.
    Usually you need some calories but not very heavy in the stomach, hot cereal, banana, etc.
    I run after work, so I take simple snack before running and take my dinner after that.
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    Swathi got a reaction from Maizie88 in How to slim arms?   
    hi! Maizie.. Upper body strength training won't make you big, it will give you lean muscles. there are plenty of  exercises available online on upper body with or without weights, you can use stretchable bands, kettle bell or just dumbbells, of course you have to watch what you eat! there isn't anything like spot reduction.
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    Swathi reacted to admin in breathing techniques   
    Hey everyone!
    Don't forget to check out our blogs for great running tips, from breathing technique, stretching, shin splints and first race tips! Here is the article on breathing techniques to try:
    Happy running and namaste! 
    Zen Labs Fitness team
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