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  1. I've tried that and on a treadmill and doesn't seem to matter, they keep coming back
  2. Do you just put it on your lower legs after you run and the socks while you run?? I need more details please!
  3. I have started and stopped this app several times and I am getting very FRUSTRATED! I get to week 2 (and I follow it with going every other day, wearing Reebok shoes for running) and I get shin splints! I could only run the first two intervals of week two, day two because it was getting more and more painful. This is the third or fourth time I have had gotten here and shin splints arrive! I want to run, I crave it and look forward to it but the shin splints but a hold on it and I don't know what to do! I am trying to train for a Police Officer so I need to be able to run but this is just getting ridiculous! What is it that I can do to stop the stupid cycle of starting and having to stop again, wait two weeks for the splints to heel and then start all over?! I'm not getting anywhere!
  4. I just finished week 2 day 3 and the pain in the inside of both lower legs was soo bad I could barely walk home....pretty sure it's shin splints. Not happy at all as I'm really enjoying the running. I have read that one can still do cardio while resting like biking and swimming....neither I have access to. Nope, don't own a bike and haven't for over 20 years lol crazy I know. Now onto the point of this post lol I am however a seasoned rollerblades and have been for many of years. Can I rollerblade to keep my cardio up that won't interfere with the healing of my shin splints? I really don't want to loose this time recovering and start all over please help me
  5. I'm a little frustrated! Maybe this is normal?? I started kickboxing and boxing 3 weeks ago, last week no classes as they were on holiday and I went camping but spent 4-6 hours a day swimming but I started again with boxing on Tuesday as well as doing this ap. My problem is I wear proper shoes for this, made for running but still suffer a lot of pain in my calves/shins (on the inside part of my shins) and it's mostly my left leg. I have taken it easy because of the pain but still am active. I am however getting heavier, according to the scale and feel like I'm just getting fatter! Is this normal or am I stuck my weight and size forever? I don't have hormones anymore because of having all that removed 2 years ago and have put on 55lbs. I can drop 15-20 but than go right back. I'm frustrated and fed up! I hate this!
  6. W1d1 of 5k ap done today. Boxing tonite (that I'm not new to) excited!!!!
  7. Don't aim for skinny! Aim for fit! Your confidence will be so much higher and your respect for yourself that much stronger! You can do this! We all have to start at the bottom! And just for starting you are so much further than those doing nothing!
  8. TheDoc, you got this! We all got this! I just did my first day today. Did pretty good although my shins/calves are so very sore but I'm pumped I'll get thru this and reach my goal! I'm working towards joining the Military as an MP, something I have wanted to do for 13 years but was rejected 13 years ago for medical reasons. But since not having that specific problem or having to see a doctor about it for 7 years, I don't think it will hinder me again. Now, I just need to get my self confidence and fitness where it needs to be and with this ap and boxing, I hope I will get there to finally be able to get my dream job! Stay positive and if you ever find yourself in a slump, we will help get ya back on track! That goes for everyone! We are all awesome!
  9. Lol no it wasn't from me running, it was my horse that was running (galloping) and I turned him as to not let him run me thru the trees and than I lost my stirrup and hit the ground....turns out I don't bounce
  10. Hi everyone! I'm new to the running thing again. I started but than broke my pelvis, collapsed my lung from internal bleeding and almost died but I'm back on the mend and trying to get over this block I've found myself. It's not that I don't like running, I think I would really enjoy it as I do when I do run but I get so discouraged when I don't see any results so I'm hoping this will help me get over this hurdle! I'm looking forward to chatting with everyone! -Laura
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