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  1. Was just wondering if there is anyone from Warwick in the UK who would want to run with a podgy shrimp as I've found running on my own can get a bit dangerous as I suffer from #seizures and my local #parkrun says I can't run with them I ultimately want to run a 10K with a tough murder and the London marathon as my penultimate goal Anyone out there? Thanks Nikky
  2. Maybe trying running on a treadmill in the gym for a bit until you get the lean sorted otherwise all I could suggest is weight the other leg to match the way you hold yourself ? Go talk to your local running store they should also be able to help and don't forget to stretch It hurts when you straighten because you are essentially trying to retrain your body Nikky x
  3. I was the same when I started the couch25k app but I also suffer from seizures and have to run alone My local park run will not allow me to partake as I may damage another runner, they think it's best that I run on my own so even if I get a warning sign and want to stop being on my own means that I have to carry on till I'm near my home to then ring for help Run what you feel is best and If you feel too tired then pause the app and take a break but you will then want to stop anyway, most of the tiredness I found was in the mind so found other things to think about to try to spur me on, try giving yourself a goal of sat week w3d3 and then when you complete the run give yourself a reward ? May keep your enthusiasm up Good luck
  4. I followed a guy called the body coach who talks you through press ups on his YouTube channel Try knee pressups first and then progress Gradually though else you will injure yourself
  5. Good luck and welcome to the family
  6. Rich Make sure you stretch before and after each run even before you start the 5 min walk this will hear your body up for what is coming and the stretch at the end signals to your muscles to stop walking Try not to bounce etc when you run, listen to the app, if someone looked at your head over a hedge they shouldn't be able to tell tha you are running Try to get your gait checked at a local running store as you may be favouring one side i.e. Your left as that's the side that hurts more Good luck and well done for doing your first run Nikky
  7. Hi, I did the couch to 5k and am now able to keep going with the couch210k (yes I must be mad) I found that the app was great to keep me motivated and on the first few weeks she kept me going (the disembodied voice that tells you when to run etc) The later runs you will need music as you will get bored and she is not there for you as much As someone who has graduated from the app and as someone who suffers seizures that is a huge milestone If you are not feeling it do not push to get the run done, try to run for fun else you will find no app can help you to keep going Here if you need any help etc Good luck and just getting off the couch is a good thing
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