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  1. I didnt worry about distance either, i just continued to run 20 mns pushing myself wee bit longer every time. You're doing fantastic
  2. Wow!!! That's fantastic, well done you and im so glad i was able to help. Im still going strong. I read on here to listen to your body & if you feel like you can go on, to do it so I did just that and didnt go back to the interval training. Ive now ran x2 5k's now and Im still gobsmacked haha. Keep on keeping on. If you think you can you will xx
  3. Thanks, I actually still can't believe it haha. visualise yourself doing it, tell yourself you can. Read the breathing techniques on here, it helped so much. Good luck and let us know how you get it
  4. I've so never seen myself as a runner but with the motivation of a friend who is a week or so ahead, ive stuck to it and completed all the runs. Today was the dreaded one and up until yesterday i couldnt see how i was going to do it as i was really struggling at 8mn runs but I psyched myself up, i read on here about proper breathing techniques and told myself 'i can do this'. Within 5mns of the run, i knew i was gonna do it. It was my easiest and most enjoyable run, i even sped up the last 5 mns and wasnt as out of breath as i'd been previously. The difference for me was proper breathing and music. Go for it, if I can do it....believe me, anyone can xx
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