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  1. 10/20/15 Tuesday


    Finished Week 4 Day 2. Can't believe I did it! I am in shock and awe. Sure, I am just walking in a running motion, but I am keeping my breathing in check and there's no pain, just lots and lots of soreness in my legs.


    Running has gone from "this is awkward and painful; I can't do it" to "I'm doing it and it feels great."


    I really can't believe I'm halfway! I'm going to push myself the next workout to see if I can go a little faster.



    I don't like wearables but I really want to get a Fitbit Charge HR to track my heart rate. Maybe for Cyber Monday?

  2. 10/19/15 Monday


    I walked 10K on Saturday (at a festival).


    I...completed...Week 4 Day 1 today!!! I couldn't believe I did it! On the second interval, I checked my phone and saw that I had to do a 5 minute job and nearly freaked out. I had to put those thoughts out of my head and continue to maintain my breathing and focus on my footwork. My calves burned so much today and my feet continued to get stronger.


    I held back because I wasn't sure I could finish it. 



    I'm debating whether I should continue with Week 4 Day 2 tomorrow or to repeat Week 3. I know today was a little easier because I had two rest days.



    One thing that really worries me: my "run" is super slow. My average speed before cooldown is 3.15 mph. I understand that I'm building endurance and speed will come later, but I'm worried that I'm not really building endurance for running if I'm really just walking. Probably the difference between walking fast is my gait and form. I'm also managing my breathing fairly well (it's not easy, but doable).


    Any thoughts?

  3. Do you have the pro version? I heard that the Pro (not the free) version will import data into MyFitnessPals. I also suspect that "give advice to train" are the tips on the welcome screen and the timed sessions.


    Oh iPhone, I linked MyFitnessPals to Health and MapMyRun to Health. My run is imported into MyFitnessPals for tracking. Very convoluted and sometimes both my run and my steps are recorded (double record), but it's the best free solution I've found.

  4. 10/14/15 Thursday


    Had a good break on Wednesday. Excited to get back to running today lest I fall off the running wagon.


    I think this is one of the first days where I didn't go through a "I don't wanna" phase. I was just looking at the time and saying "go Go GO" in my head "If I don't move my butt, I'm going to be late for work." It worked.


    Another reason why I love logging my workouts with MapMyRun (besides the time and distance metrics) are the challenges. Apparently, there are a whole bunch of free challenges that you can enter to win gift cards and such. All you have to do is log a workout. I don't want to manually log treadmill runs (yep, I'm that lazy), but I'm willing to tap "start workout" when I run outdoors. 


    The big pull for these challenges aren't really the prizes themselves. I'm sure I'm one person out of a gajillion that's entering. Nope, it's for the fact that I CAN finish. I've never completed any exercise challenge before. If I just keep at this rate, I'll FINISH the challenges for once in my life. Very motivational.


    Today, was also the first day I ran without foot pain. Woohoo! My feet were really, really sore though. Killer sore. Just something to push past.




    10/15/15 Friday


    Today, was amazing! Not only did I not have pain in my feet, but I couldn't even feel the soreness much. My calves burned like crazy going up the "hills". I ran the first few intervals at a nice pace. I always glance at the clock 1.5 minutes in, but I can't believe that I got through the first 3 minute interval without a problem. Really, it was the last 1.5 minutes of the 2nd 3 minute (or 4 out of 4) running interval where I was dying. My breathing was kinda out of control. My muscles were burning and protesting, and I REALLY, REALLY wanted to stop for the first time. Not slow down. Not walk. But just stop. But I didn't. I just glanced at the clock every 10 seconds. I started thinking to myself, I can't do this, if I keep glancing at the clock I'm going to keep killing myself. So, I put the time and pain out of my mind and started focusing on how my feet hit the pavement.


    My breakthrough running motion is difficult to describe. When walking, the heel hits first and you roll to the front of the foot. This creates a smooth stride. During running, you land mid-foot and control the decent of the heel. I kept visualizing an upside down gas pedal in a car. The bottom of the gas pedal is tethered to the floor of the car. You press the top of the accelerator to the floor of the car to go faster. In running, I would touch my fore/mid-foot to the pavement, and then control my heel down to the pavement. Then, like a puppet, lifted my opposite hip up and forward, swinging my whole leg forward, keeping my foot in position to land correctly.


    During the walking intervals and warm-up, I practice walking landing as if I am running. It looks funny as hell, but I don't care. I've developed foot muscles for walking, but the ones for running motion are SO weak. Aren't all the muscles in your foot the same (don't you use all of them when you walk/run/etc,?) NO! If that were the case, people wouldn't need to cross-train with different foot movements to build foot strength/muscle. There would be only one type of shoe. There wouldn't exist running shoes for back and forth motion and cross trainers that include side to side motions. I just wiki'ed and found that there are more than a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the foot.


    I don't want to be injured. I don't want to be sidelined, temporarily or permanently. I'm trying to learn as much as I can and invest myself into running for health.


    I cannot believe that I made it through Week 3 Day 3. Very, very happy. Today, marks the 4th week of when I made the commitment to try this program and I'm still here. I cannot WAIT to finish this program (although I will take it as slow as I need to.) In fact, I'm on the fence of whether I should push to Week 4 next week or repeat Week 3 as my body becomes more efficient.


    I'm very excited that I've been sticking to this running thing and I've been eating better and watching my portions. The one item I'm lacking right now is sleep. I've felt so much better since exercising that I've been taking care of myself more and everything takes up a lot of time.


    Well, thanks for reading and I wish you a happy running journey!

  5. Sulcata, many people find signing up for a 5k motivates them to continue training so that they will do the best they can.


    As long as you listen to your body and don't over train or push yourself beyond your training during race day, I think signing up is a great idea.



    Congrats on committing yourself to finishing that 5K!  :)

  6. That's awesome!! Go you!  :P


    I've had a lot of improvement in my body. I'm sticking with my 3 sessions a week (going to try a few more this week).


    My breathing was horrible when I started, but I'm able to manage my air now  :D


    My feet/calves/shins aren't fully conditioned for running/road, but there's no more pain now, just muscle soreness. Same with my feet.


    I've been changing it up, but I tried Week 3 Day 1 for the first time today and got through it! I know I may be slower both in terms of pace and with repeating sessions, but that doesn't bother me. I'm just so thankful I'm getting out and doing it!


    Thanks for the support  ^_^

  7. 10/13/15 - Tuesday Running Outdoors


    Didn't get much sleep last night. Woke up at 3:30 this morning and got into chore mode. Packed the blender with fruits and veggies for a green smoothie after running.


    I was kinda kicking myself for using the treadmill for two sessions in a row. I felt like I took a 'step back' when I got onto the road. Yesterday, it felt like I had improved because the treadmill was smooth going and I was able to go faster without pain or losing my breath. Today, was a wake up call.


    I am definitely going to stick to the program outdoors. (Will use treadmill only if I get in a rut or it rains.)



    Today, I learned that I lean to the right. Even as I'm typing this I'm leaning to the right. When I'm drying a cup, I put my weight on my right side. My right leg is used to supporting all of my weight. During my run this morning, I could feel the unevenness in my legs. My feet got really sore. It almost felt like pain. I almost stopped my run to finish the session walking. But I push through it. I told myself that my foot was just extremely sore because it wasn't used to this. My right foot started getting sore, too. The treadmill had babied my feet and now they are going to have to learn to walk again. I focused on centering my body over my left leg while still moving forward.


    I felt like another forum poster who mentioned I leg longer than the other. Could this be me? I'm thankful for the lessons I've learned from running outside. During the 3 minute intervals, when I was running up the hill, I slowed my paced down to a leisurely stroll. I didn't give up. I maintained my form (hitting with mid-foot instead of heel) and plodded along.


    I can't wait to do the next session! 


    I've decided to add as many days (up to six) of running as I can. Both to boost my metabolism, increase my muscular strength and lung function and to playfully compete with a friend who does push ups. I'm going to maintain Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but if I'm not too sore, I will "catch the bug" and do some extra sessions in between. Thanks again for reading.

  8. Devoted, do you and your husband run on treadmills or road? I'm assuming road.


    It sounds like you two are in different places on the run scale and he wants to be together. With utmost respect, it sounds like a recipe for disaster. It sounds like he pushed himself to stay at your pace and injured himself. He's right to rest (probably should rest longer), but he wants you to "start over" to join with him. You know you'll be disappointed as you feel like you're being "held back" while he is frustrated that you are "going on" without him.


    If you choose to run together, I think you should train on treadmills so you can run your own pace/intervals "together." Not sure if there's a Planet Fitness near you; it's $10/month and you can bring a friend. $10/month for you to run together.


    Whatever you decide, I hope you both will be safe and find a satisfying solution. Running with the love of your life sounds wonderful!

  9. Cheerio, signing up for a 5K is NOT too ambitious. It gives you something to work for.


    Like others said, please listen to your body. If you're injured or not ready when race day comes, you may need to walk it (or parts of it).


    But signing up for it and committing training to it and attending are all positive actions. 


    How is your progress so far?

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