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  1. I already run with a string pulling me up, tie Reef Knots, and I don't think any of my shoes have the extra holes.  :(


    I think my blisters form only when I wear the cotton socks, so I need to throw them away (even though I hate throwing away "perfectly good socks").


    Also, regarding the weight loss, it seems that my scale is inaccurate. I've been eating 1000 calorie deficits, but I gained the 4 pounds back. I glanced at the scale in disbelief this morning and weighed myself 4 times, each time getting a different weight (up to a 4 lb difference). So, this not knowing whether I'm burning fat and keeping muscle is very upsetting. I feel fresher on runs that have had a rest day, but I'm paranoid that my waistline is expanding (whether due to sodium or monthly fluctuations, I don't know).


    I really wish I could devote more time to each run, but unless I want to wake up at 5 AM or run at night, I'm not sure it's feasible. :unsure:  


    Right now, I'm just kinda bummed out about getting in shape.

  2. Thanks!  :D I took a rest day yesterday to see if it'd improve my running. I keep telling myself I'll do a plank and try out some pushups, but I end up doing chores instead.


    12/2/15 Wednesday


    I just went for a run today instead of following the app. I ran for 25 minutes to make it to work earlier. 


    Today, I did not tie my shoes super tight--where the sides are pinching my feet, not even snug, just not loose. I focused on activating my upper back muscles and my rib cage instead of my abs and feet and felt a slight shift in my hips in my posture. I felt pretty good and fast today (even though I don't think I actually ran any faster). However, the scenery is passing by much faster than when I first started this program at a crawl.  :P


    I made sure to bend my knees and not reach with my legs to prevent jarring my knees. Everything was great until I felt a little rubbing on my left instep at the end. When I checked my foot, sure enough, there is a red spot forming into a blister.


    Do you have any suggestions regarding this other than getting new shoes? I ran with cotton Wal-mart socks which I'll make sure to not use for running any more. I'll use some basic sports socks or look into the suggestions you guys have posted, but I'm not keen on spending a lot on socks right now.

  3. Thanks, I did finish the program. I ran another 30 minutes today.


    11/30/15 Monday W9D1


    Posting on my phone so less formatting and wording. I thought I was running pigeon-toed on the treadmill so I tried running with my toes turned out. I bent my knees more and took on a wider stance. I imagined that I looked like that old guy in the movies with overalls and bowed legs running.


    I felt my feet rolling from outside in so I thought my gait was better until mid run when the sideways arch on my left foot hurt with each step down. I bought myself the Fitbit Charge HR on Friday and was messing with it during the run. I must have held my breath because I had to remember to breath and got shooting stitches on my right side. I haven't had any stitches in my side since starting this program, but this was a common occurence in the past.


    I'll have to figure out how to treadmill run later and continue running on the road by crunching my abs and activating my back muscles. Oh, I lost almost another 4 lbs from Wednesday. Happy running, crew!

  4. Thanks, all. I do log my food to help keep myself accountable. I used to say I'm doing strenuous exercise 6 days a week, why am I not losing weight? It wasn't until I started logging and seeing that I was still eating too much.


    Looking back, I did not have any heart or lung strength and could not exercise properly (as I was holding my breath and getting dizzy). Running with c25k really improved my cardio vascular system and taught me how to breathe while exercising. I've tried to transfer the breathing technique to other exercises.


    I'm debating on whether to do speed intervals in the c25k app or cut down my workout time (to make it to work on time) or to move my training to the afternoon. It's be nice to keep logging my progress here.

  5. 11/25/15 Wednesday W8D3


    I did it! I made it! I was groaning in anticipation last night about running 3 days in a row but I was desperate to run as many days early in the week as I can "just in case" something happens later.


    It was a nice 64 degrees today, up from 51 yesterday, and I pushed myself near the end because I wanted my last c25k run to be my best. I went down two side streets to end up at "The Cool Down Point" at the right time so I tackled more hills than I do normally. I even put on a burst of speed at the end (something I haven't been doing).


    Calculating my time, it still seems like it'd take me 55 minutes for me to finish a 5k. I'm going to work on faster intervals.


    Have a happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  6. i average between 1300 and 1800 a day my target is 1200 i always go over even with added excersize and im always hungry even after 16 oz of water and a full meal give me 15 min and ill want to eat again


    It is soooo hard to stick to the 1200 target. When I first started logging in January of this year I was well over 3000  :(

  7. You wont. Most people are all confused on the subject anyway. There is nothing wrong with running on no or low calorie intake. I ran 9 miles on Saturday with just a small paleo granola bar and my morning coffee in me. No harm done.


    Additionally, the whole fueling with carbs thing isn't entirely accurate. Your body actually burns fat stores when you do an easy run. It uses carbs/glycogen when you run fast and hard (race).


    Worry about eating a healthy diet but don't worry about eating to run at the moment. It's not all that relevant until you're racing or running very long(90 minutes +).


    I mean I was eating 1000 calories PER DAY and running, and wearing a 10 lb vest. When I meant low calorie intake, I wasn't referring to pre-run, but consume few calories throughout the day.

  8. Linita&i, for 30-45 minutes after you run, your muscles are able to intake glucose from the bloodstream without using insulin. If you want a sugary snack, the best time to intake is right after a workout. Protein and carbs are great after a workout. 


    Azatol is right where you don't want to intake before running (remember the "waiting an hour for swimming after eating?") because it can make you sick.



    Also, being cold doesn't cause you to get sick. There are studies were scientists put one group's feet in cold water and then inoculated them with virus. They did not get sick more than the control group (people who were not made cold). The reason why people get common cold and flu more often during the cold weather is due to the drop in humidity. Cold and flu virus spread easier. Most people stay indoors out of the cold and therefore spread the virus around the house more and to housemates. Lastly, there is a lot of international travel at this time of the year. You are likely to meet family who traveled on a plane who transited through a few airports coming into contact with many travelers.

  9. My thoughts exactly.

    Glad to see you back Jeshi, I was starting to get worried about you :-)


    Thanks for your concern, Ruthie! 


    For your shoes, I remember you purchased your current pair which were looser than the tighter fitting option. Most running stores have a return policy, even if you've ran in them outside. Since you just purchased them, you should be able to exchange them and try the other shoes without losing credit. I know the store was a couple towns away, but maybe call the store first to find out? It doesn't seem right that you would have to run in uncomfortable shoes that you spent so much money for. I'm also a girl who only has a few pairs of shoes and I want the ones I have to work well.

  10. Thanks, guys  :D  Your encouragement really cheers me up!


    11/24/15 Tuesday W8D2


    I guess I had such a high yesterday that today was a bit of a let-down. I normally rest on Tuesdays, but I was pushing myself to complete the session today out of fear I may not finish Week 8 on Thursday. (I try to get my runs in earlier in the week so it's not looming over my head that I will have to do it later in the week. Then, when later in the week comes around, I'm moaning and groaning because I have to do it because I waited.) It just works out better getting it "out of the way" earlier in the week and then not worrying about working it into the schedule on the weekend. I also think finishing earlier in the week gives me the mentality of "I'm doing this because I enjoy it" not "I'm doing this because if I don't stay on track, I'm never going to improve."


    Today, the run was more difficult than yesterday and I ran at a slower pace. I see there was a reason my body wanted to rest on Tuesdays after running 'hard' on Monday. My phone battery "died" when I took a screenshot after the run (before the cool down) so I didn't cool down properly or record the metrics properly again. When I plugged it in, the battery said there was 18% left. Grrrr...software issues, I'm sure. I'm also considering cutting down my running sessions so I can make it to work on time. I've been overeating the last 3 days and it's been hurting my fat-loss. On one hand, I'm afraid to stress my body by maintaining a low calorie intake. On the other hand, I need to be firm with myself so I don't stagnate or fall off the wagon.


    Sorry to be in a downer mood. I think I'm just anticipating all the stress of the holidays and family. Sure, I love and care about them, but it's a very, very stressful time of the year for me. Hug to all of you. Gotta keep goals in mind and keep on keeping on.

  11. I think the issue would be, when you restart, your first interval would be a 5 minute warmup walk which is probably undesirable mid marathon. I just checked Google Play and there are tons of "Interval timer" apps available. I'd assume the same of the Apple App Store.


    I didn't think about the warm-up. The interval app sounds like a good idea.

  12. Hi everyone,


    I've been using the app and am at week 4 now. Been a silent reader of the forum topics and am loving how supportive and encouraging everyone here is! :) (that's why I've signed up)


    I'm due to do the W4d3 run tomorrow and am dreading it(not to mention w5d3!). Mainly because I now know the 'pain', breathlessness and everything unpleasant during my run but I know I need it and don't want to fall off the plan altogether.


    Really need some motivation, and I know this too shall pass and will feel awesome after the run. As I read somewhere else, I think I need to channel my inner Dory, 'Just keep swimming'. Yipes!


    Here's a suggestion for you to try: run as slow as you can and note if you are having pain, breathlessness, and stitches. Are you having pain in your legs, feet, or ribs only?


    I know it's not always I popular opinion, but when I find sessions tough, I repeat them. Repeating entire "Weeks" for as many weeks as you want. Each time, your body gets stronger. In the first half of the program, I needed to repeat until the sessions felt "easy" instead of feeling like I got ran over by a train.


    If it was nerves, I'd tell you to continue on, that your body is ready, but I feel like you'd benefit more by listening to your body and letting yourself get stronger and boosted confidence right now.

  13. Welcome, Rita! Don't worry about running slower than walking. I ran so slowly in the beginning it felt like I was jogging in place!


    Try this running form and see if it helps with your shin pain:



    Focus on incorporating one move at a time: take smaller steps, pull your navel into your spine while keeping your chest and shoulders down, forcing your exhale breath out. Everyone breathes differently. I like breathing in through nose and forcing air out of my mouth with a "Ha!" sound.


    Let us know how Week 1 Day 2 goes!

  14. My left calf didn't cramp at all, like it usually does, except when the right one did too, which means that the shoes are correcting whatever it was that was giving me a hard time....


    Hurray! I'm so glad that your left leg didn't have the protonation cramping issue. I think both sides cramping would be your muscles unused to the terrain and are not rebuilding themselves to be stronger for the next time you tackle the hills.


    Way to go!!

  15. Great job, Sean! It really keeps me motivated to run away from my car/house for the first half and run towards them during the second half. It also balances my leg/foot muscles as I run on banked (sloped/tilted) roads.


    Don't give up! We're all rooting for you  :D

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