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    From c25k to half marathon 2 days away

    Well I did this app about 2 years ago and it certainly changed my life. I am 43 years old, never been a runner, heck couldn't even run 50 metres without being totally out of breath. The day I remember most about the c2 5 k app was the day I had to run 20 minutes non stop. I needed up doing this on a treadmill. For me it felt like such a big achievement. I was over the moon... I completed my first 10 km race nearly 1 year ago. Shortly after that I injured my hamstring and literally couldn't run. I took some weeks off, then decided to give home workouts a go. I did insanity, t25 and others. These workouts were amazing. With running I only ever dropped 2 kgs, crosstraining, strengh and weights dropped a further 4 -5kgs off my body weight . I wasn't that overweight to start off with, but certainly wanted to increase fitness and loose those kgs I haven't been able to loose since having my 2 gorgeous girls. Well, now I am back into my pre baby size. I started running back in February this year, my running is improving. I unfortunatley reinsured myself on the hamstring, physio took care of that, plus I suffer from plantar fasccitis. My first half marathon is just 2 days away. Bit nervous, I will be happy to just cross the finish line. On Monday I start treatment with a podiatrist that will realign my bones to combat he plantar fasccitis. This should be interesting. To all of you who are starting their running journey, I am proof that anyone can become a runner. What does help down the track is cross, strengh and weight training. Also watch what you put in your mouth if you are looking to loose some weight. Enjoy!
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    C25K success!

    C25K helped me start my running journey! Since becoming a graduate of the C25K app, I have since completed the 10K app and will be starting the half marathon app as well. I have completed 4, 5K's and logged MANY miles on my own since the beginning. I have lost 45 lbs. and have never felt better! I'll be turning 50 next year & will also be doing my first half marathon, cannot wait for this! Thank you so much Zen Labs for creating these programs for someone like me who was new to the running world ~ I am forever grateful!!!
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    From c25k to half marathon 2 days away

    Thanks runQrun. It was an awesome day. I thought I would struggle the last 5 km but it was easier than I thought. The only thing that didn't work out for me is my heartrate. I have been training in aerobic zone and that's where I wanted to be but the obvious exit net and adrenaline pushed me into anaerobic straight away. Hence I was so sore on Monday, I could hardly walk. All good now though. Would def do it again next year. I am lucky to live in a place where it is such a flat and absolutely gorgeous route. My time was 2.25 btw very happy with that considering my injuries.
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    C25K success!

    Way to go!! What an inspiration....I have about 80 pounds to lose and have started and stopped C25K far too many times. No more excuses! :0)
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    Best way to get started?

    Did you put all the weight on in 6 months? If not, go with the slow and steady and win the race. Averaging 1 pound a week is a much better way to go if you want to keep the weight off in the long run. And yes, you can loss the weight. However, be good about changing out running shoes often because with the extra weight you actually breakdown the shock absorption faster on the shoes and then set yourself up for more stress fracture injuries. And I'm one of those working on losing the weight. Not as fast as I personally would love to do, but it's coming off. Since January I'm down 10 pounds. I still have a lot more to go, but .... it too shall happen.
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    My running 'partner' lives in another town. We have run a 5k together, and message each other daily to motivate and encourage!
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    Best Running Shoe for Running Style

    I run in Brooks Beasts. I've got a wide foot, and I'm running to lose weight so these shoes work perfectly for me. I've found the best deals at http://www.runningwarehouse.com/ although Amazon has been competitive a couple times, so I would check both before buying.
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    How do you motivate yourself to ensure goals are met? What are some strategies implemented to ensure that goals are on target and what is your favorite song to motivate yourself if not feeling up to it? How big is your brave? -- Dream big, achieve your dreams, and feel better about yourself. what are some ways you can help others to stay motivated and dream big? I have been an inspiration to friends with helping to plan healthy lunches and also to makes sure we are accountable to each other with our goals. Having a workout buddy is also a great way for me to stay motivated and keep at it! Can't wait to see what everyone has to share Dream Big!!!
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    I use my fitbit to keep me going... Just gotta pass one more person. I also compete with myself, improving run time. Yesterday I ran my first 14 min mile. Of course the next one was slower and the last one I walked, but I DID IT. I am an inspiration to others because they notice how my body, eating habits and general attitude has changed for the better over time and I get a lot of questions about how I did it. Favorite song? My guilty pleasure is disco music, for some reason knowing all the words and sometimes singing along keeps me going when I want to quit.
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    I currently run in Brooks Adrenalines. I overpronate, so my feet appreciate the support. I always recommend that people find a dedicated running store that does gait analysis when buying running shoes. They will analyze your run and recommend a variety of shoes of different makes and price ranges that best suit YOUR running style. I go to a local store here in OKC called Red Coyote Running and Fitness. It's also a good place to go meet other like-minded runners. Many of those local running stores also host a variety of running clubs, which usually welcome runners of all ability levels! Remember, if you run you're a runner.
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