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  1. Thanks runQrun. It was an awesome day. I thought I would struggle the last 5 km but it was easier than I thought. The only thing that didn't work out for me is my heartrate. I have been training in aerobic zone and that's where I wanted to be but the obvious exit net and adrenaline pushed me into anaerobic straight away. Hence I was so sore on Monday, I could hardly walk. All good now though. Would def do it again next year. I am lucky to live in a place where it is such a flat and absolutely gorgeous route. My time was 2.25 btw very happy with that considering my injuries.
  2. I don't think so. I have done a few of the beachbody programs. Insanity, t25 (only 25 min per workout), these have helped me build muscles and strengh which my running benefited from.
  3. Look I have had plantar fasccitis now for 6 months. I just ran my first half marathon on Sunday, so not always it will keep you from running. I have tried many things. What helped the most was stretching the calfs and strengthening excersises. I also had my foot taped with rock tape before Sunday. I think that helped. I have started a 3 month treatment journey with a structural podiatrist this week. After x rays we saw that my feet are out of line, my right and left are different by 7 % and I have heel spurs in both feet! even though only my left foot hurts. After the first adjustment I could stand on my feet without pain. It will take some time but he will align all my feet muscles and combat the problem at the root cause, so I'm future there should be no need for othodics. You can pm me if you like and I will keep,you up to date on progress. I am sceptical but he has a very high success rate.
  4. I was a really bad heel striker which caused super tight muscles and of course a hamstring injury and I also have plantar fasccitis. After the physio fixed my hammy, I moved into a lighter neutral shoe with some orthotics and I have been working on my midfoot strikes this is definitely better. I read that a lot of running shoes can enforce a heel strike due to lots of padding in the heel area. I am starting treatment to realign my bones and combat plantar fasccitis on Monday with a podiatrist. He apparently has a lot of success with this condition. So if all goes well, I am looking. At running with brooks pureflow which has got a lower heel drop and encourages midfoot striking. After all these problems I have had with my foot I think my solution is to combat the root of the cause, work at strengthening my feet and no more over stability shoes as the podiatrist works on my alignment which should fix my gait. So we will see...
  5. Tan39

    After Run Stretch

    Not only stretching but do yourself a favor and buy a foam roller. This helped me immensely as my muscles really tightened a lot when I increased my distance. Don't overstrech tight muscles. This won't due your muscles good and can cause injury.
  6. Will you be doing a mix of both or are you looking at doing the whole app on the treadmill? I would maybe start off with 2 days on treadmill and 1 day outside. Depending on your fitness level, your body may get sores here and there. It means you are just getting used to the new movements. The treadmill will be a lot softer under your feet. Or you could just start of the app a couple of weeks on the treadmill then start adding one outdoor run in the week as you progress with the program.
  7. I would suggest to make sure that you warm up properly. Do light stretches on your callfs but do not over stretch.Make sure you have the right fitting shoes. A lot of people wear calf sleeves during or after the runs for recovery. I wear mine after long runs the whole day pretty much and my muscles feel great.
  8. Well I did this app about 2 years ago and it certainly changed my life. I am 43 years old, never been a runner, heck couldn't even run 50 metres without being totally out of breath. The day I remember most about the c2 5 k app was the day I had to run 20 minutes non stop. I needed up doing this on a treadmill. For me it felt like such a big achievement. I was over the moon... I completed my first 10 km race nearly 1 year ago. Shortly after that I injured my hamstring and literally couldn't run. I took some weeks off, then decided to give home workouts a go. I did insanity, t25 and others. These workouts were amazing. With running I only ever dropped 2 kgs, crosstraining, strengh and weights dropped a further 4 -5kgs off my body weight . I wasn't that overweight to start off with, but certainly wanted to increase fitness and loose those kgs I haven't been able to loose since having my 2 gorgeous girls. Well, now I am back into my pre baby size. I started running back in February this year, my running is improving. I unfortunatley reinsured myself on the hamstring, physio took care of that, plus I suffer from plantar fasccitis. My first half marathon is just 2 days away. Bit nervous, I will be happy to just cross the finish line. On Monday I start treatment with a podiatrist that will realign my bones to combat he plantar fasccitis. This should be interesting. To all of you who are starting their running journey, I am proof that anyone can become a runner. What does help down the track is cross, strengh and weight training. Also watch what you put in your mouth if you are looking to loose some weight. Enjoy!
  9. I have plantar fasciitis and continue to run. It isn't your case obviously but I have done some reading on it. From what I saw you need to rest but I recommend going to see a physio to make sure he confirms the injury and right course of treatment for you. Not being able to run really sucks. I know how you feel. But target the problem the right way will have you back on track quicker. Most importantly listen to your body.if it feels very wrong, it's not right to run.
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