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Stuck and frustrated

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Obviously you are trying run too fast. Slow down to "schlepping" :) . Make shorter stride and try not to run on the hard surface (for your shins).

Sometimes I am having problem with calf too. It helps if I monitor my stride and watch that my lower part of leg is relax  when I move it forward.

But main part is slowing your pace.

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it took me 3 1/3 weeks to finish week 4 (walk 5, jog 3, walk 1.5, jog 5, etc), but I did it. Being able to do that second 5 minute jog was a killer.

I also had to repeat week 3. It took me two tries to finish day 1 of week five, and I did day 2 in one try. Trying day 3 tomorrow.

Stay with it!

I knew after week 2 I probably wouldn't finish this in 8 weeks, and am now on more of a 13 week schedule.

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the first 5 weeks seem to be about endurance, not speed. When you hit week 6, it seems they want you to pick up the pace.

I started doing this the first week of June. It's been 12 weeks, and I haven't even finished week 6 yet! But I've done days 1 & 2 in week six and haven't had to repeat! First week since week 1 I haven't had to repeat a day!


I've gotten my lazy butt out there 3 days a week. Now a couple of times I had to stop my run after a few minutes because of pain in my foot once and hip once, and one day it just seemed like I was just unable to do much, but those days were few. I've run a slow as I could. When I hear that "1 minute left" message, I try to pick up the pace and today (week 6, day 2) I tried to pick up the pace for most of my jog.

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