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Treadmill vs Outside


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I'm a complete newbie at running and have absolutely rubbish stamina at the moment.

I like going to the gym though and I like using the Treadmill but I don't think I'm running at the right speeds. What speed should I be aiming for?

Is it better to run outside? I just think if I wasn't on a Treadmill I'd just give up half way - but the fear of falling off keeps me going hah!


Also... how often are other newbies running? I also struggle with fatigue and motivation. So far, I've only just done week 1.

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I recently completed the c25k program on the treadmill, but I am too total newbie at running.

I started very slow: 2mph walking and 3.5 jogging. and gradually grow to 3.5 walking/5.8 running.

In fact I got to 5.8 running just last week. I follow the app recommendation - run 3 days per week. Every other day I walk and do core strength exercises. When I fill good I am playing with incline on the treadmill - variations is a good prep for the outside running


When the weather will get milder, I am planning to run outside. But most likely I will be bicycling...

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I just started running a little over a month ago. Well, running again-I used to run in high school, but I have since had kids and gotten old. I usually run on the treadmill because I have one available at my office building. It's also good for my OCD so I can keep track of my speed and distance easier, and it helps me keep a decent stride. As for running outside, I ran on a path a few weeks ago and rolled my ankles pretty bad. I can run outdoors on a track or on pavement that's pretty level. I'm a wee bit of a wuss, so I try to run in a controlled environment.


Also, I'm on the treadmill every morning before work and every afternoon after work-it replaces my cigarettes, and I find myself moving whenever I feel like smoking.

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it is slightly easier to run on the treadmill as the equipment also gives a bit of a push and the good part is you have to run at the speed you set it to, however as a newbie it may be a good idea to run on the road too, you can see how different it feels on your body, usually the thumb rule is to run at a speed slower than a brisk walk. there is no definite speed, do what you think you can do, and slowly build it up. no rush! slow and steady wins the race

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