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59 aint too old


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Hi Folks


After years of thinking that running/jogging/whatever wasn't for me, I impulsively bought some running shoes after a conversation with a colleague at work and downloaded the app.  I'm not long back from my first 30 mins round the park (in the dark, thankfully!) and am pleasantly surprised at the experience.  I was buzzing when I returned (endorphins, perhaps?) and can't wait till the day after tomorrow for another go.  


I'm wondering what my body will be feeling like tomorrow!  The only other exercise I take is fairly brisk walking at any opportunity and climbing the stairs at work to the 3rd floor (usually 2 at a time!) rather than taking the lift.  


Wish me luck!

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Yesterday was Day 2 and I'm feeling the effects this morning! It's a good feeling when my thighs remind me as I go downstairs that I had been working at it! Really intrigued to see when I start to notice progress. Days? Weeks? Who knows but I'm excited by the journey.


I'm not giving up!

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