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120kg aussie mum starting out


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Hey there! I have a bad yoyo style history with fitness and eating well. Been big and fat my entire life. And seriously determined to make a change. With the extra weight, my asthma, and lack of fitness, I'm expecting a challenge but totally up for it. My husband is coming along for the ride and encouraging me so much it's amazing. Today we started week 1 day 1. However I was only able to do half of the jogging at a slow speed. Not discouraged however! My plan is to repeat day 1 until I can complete it the entire way, before moving onwards!


Anyone else out there really big and doing this for the first time? Any advice for the extra weight? I'm very mindful of strain on my joints especially knees so advice on how to minimise that would be great. And how do you motivate yourself in this heat? This aussie summer sure has hit early this year ☺

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Welcome. I'd recommend taking it slow and, if you feel you need extra time repeat a session.


Get a comfortable pair of running shoes (a good athletic store should be able analyze your step to help you figure out what shoes are the best).


Read up on the running techniques sticky.


Stretching helps me out quite a bit.


The most important thing is that you keep with it.


Best Wishes,


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read the forums for advice run as early in the morning when it is the coolest out reasearch running on the web pay attention to the food you eat welcome to running and this app run every other day or m w f or some combo that works for you on non running days do strength training and other excersizes keep posting your progress i find knowing others are waiting to read what i did and how i did it to be very motivating having hubby along for the ride is great

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