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Found 2 results

  1. It is common observation that men tend to lose weight quickly as compare to women. Women ever need 20 % more exercise to lose weight instead of men. There are a few reasons to describe the difference between both men and women in terms of weight loss: 1. Muscle mass of men and women is different naturally. Men’s muscle mass is more than the muscle mass of women, that’s why men burn more calories. Read More
  2. Hey there! I have a bad yoyo style history with fitness and eating well. Been big and fat my entire life. And seriously determined to make a change. With the extra weight, my asthma, and lack of fitness, I'm expecting a challenge but totally up for it. My husband is coming along for the ride and encouraging me so much it's amazing. Today we started week 1 day 1. However I was only able to do half of the jogging at a slow speed. Not discouraged however! My plan is to repeat day 1 until I can complete it the entire way, before moving onwards! Anyone else out there really big and doing this for the first time? Any advice for the extra weight? I'm very mindful of strain on my joints especially knees so advice on how to minimise that would be great. And how do you motivate yourself in this heat? This aussie summer sure has hit early this year ☺
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