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  1. Hi there! Congratulations and go you for making this huge change! I'm also doing this for my daughter who is 4. Long term overweight, and my father died of obesity related stroke 2 years ago. I'm determined to be here for my daughter as long as I can! Today was my first day but I've also been working on changing my eating habits for a couple weeks first. I'm doing mostly okay. I'm also taking duromine and getting help from my doctor ☺. Myfitnesspal is the best app it let's me log everything I'm doing and eating. I also have a pedometer app that I used before the c25k one. I bought a fitbit too
  2. Hey there! I have a bad yoyo style history with fitness and eating well. Been big and fat my entire life. And seriously determined to make a change. With the extra weight, my asthma, and lack of fitness, I'm expecting a challenge but totally up for it. My husband is coming along for the ride and encouraging me so much it's amazing. Today we started week 1 day 1. However I was only able to do half of the jogging at a slow speed. Not discouraged however! My plan is to repeat day 1 until I can complete it the entire way, before moving onwards! Anyone else out there really big and doing this f
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