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Ottawa girl back on the program and looking forward to winter


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Good morning everybody.


I decided to put up a quick post before I head out for a morning run.  This is my first time using the forums, but I am not new to the C25K program.  I used it during the summer when I was first getting into running.  Long story short, early fall brought lots of work and family related travel, and because I had never hit the 5k mark, I just sort of forgot all about it.  Fast forward to present, a couple of weeks ago I joined up with a free local running club.


Joining up with that running club really reinvigorated me (I highly recommend doing this if you are new and want the extra motivation/accountability).  To my surprise, although I hadn't really run much, I magically hit 5k 2 days ago.  I say magically because I truly do not know how I did it as I was struggling hard to reach 4k during the week prior.  And hitting that mark really encouraged me to seriously get back into it, cold weather be damned.


So, I am back, trying to consistently hit the 5k mark and of course improve on it.  I live in Ottawa, where it gets extremely cold and snowy, but I will be running out doors as much as I can.


Looking forward to chatting with others here.  Especially if you are living in Ottawa, I would love to make some new friends here!

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