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Halfway there and Haven't Quit Yet!

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As I feared, it was raining....me and my running buddy met by the school bus in our running gear and umbrellas and went our separate ways...it did stop raining after a couple of hours so I went out ru

As I always tell my son - he is the boss of his brain and not the other way around :-). Looks like I am going to have to walk the walk.

@blondebass - Good for you and keep us posted. I dialed it down from 4 times a week to three times, but I have to say that two consecutive days not running is not working for me either. I think what

W7D1 done.

Ran in my old shoes because I am contemplating trying to return my new ones today.

The difference between the two pairs is is obvious, and even if I can't return them, I am still better of in the new pair than in the old .

I called the guy at the running store yesterday, and told him that I had run outside in them but that they were too wide for me, and he said to clean them the best I can and he'll see what he can do.

The return policies here aren't as lenient they are in the States, so I am not holding my breath...


I have to say that as thrilled as I am to be running, and to be able to run 25 minutes, (warm up and sort-of-cool-down included) all in all I ran 4.23 km and I can't see how that is going to turn into five with me on my feet - pre-collapse.

I had to push through a couple of mental breaks, one of them was when she announced half way. I started wondering does halfway mean half the run or half the session? Is she including warm up and cooldown in that or just the run... that kept me busy for a while, doing all sorts of math in my head, which I supposed is one way to get through a mental wall. I never did work out though what half way exactly she was referring too. Doesn't really matter either.

The last minute on the other hand was great, I sprinted it ("sprinted" more likely) and loved it. Then, just as the run finished a really great song came on - can't for the life of me remember which song that was, so instead of doing a cooldown walk, I found myself doing a cool down dance... kind of hoping no one saw me... after all, I do have a reputation to maintain...

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New pair of shoes, second time in under a week. I went back to the running shop and they let me return the shoes and pick another pair. This time, they fit me like a glove  :wub:  Saucony Guide 8. Don't have to do all sorts of acrobatics to tie the laces like I did with the other pair.

Thanks girls for telling me to go back to the store. I would never have thought of it otherwise. 

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W7D2 done. Easier than last time. Maybe it was the shoes... now I need to get me some sox that work.

In my round and round route there is a relatively small hill which I was trying to do in tiny steps to see if it made it easier - which is did.

Next run is on the road with the big, scary hill  - I'll see if I do any better with that hill this week.

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i like my thorlos they had a try a free pair deal just pay shipping and handling i want more but at 15$ a pair that is beyond me now i realy want a merino wool blend kind GOOD JOB on the run

I just bought 4 pair of Swiftwick socks off ebay. They are merino wool and quite affordable as far as running socks go. They also wick very well. I also tried my free pair of THorlo and felt they are kind of cruddy. They don't wiock enarly as well as my Siwftwick, Balega or Feetures socks do. They were very hot and moist. Maybe good deep winter socks but I'll stick to my Swiftwick wool.

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@Ann and Azatol - there is no way I am going to spend $15 on a pair of socks at this point... if I was running for hours at I time I could see why I would do that but not for the half hour or maybe forty minutes I will be doing in the near future...

Just the thought makes me dizzy....

The shoes are great for sure - and the socks just need to be the right thickness for now...but the good thing is that now, when I have a birthday, which anyone my age knows there are too many of, and if anyone asks me what I want - I'll just point them to the nearest running shop to buy me socks, bras, clothes, bottles, headbands, armbands and all sorts of goodies that I will never buy for myself...

which is an improvement, because for years, there has really been nothing that I wanted other than books...

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My fave t shirt a woman with an overflowing book bag and a stack of books in her hands and another at her feet the words read so many books so little time. I know Azatol thinks the thorlos are no good but they helped eliminate some blisters i was developing and i got a try a pair free deal 4.99 ship and handling fee I also have a very thick pair of mens champions that i wear and because i go barefoot at home wear chineese slippers at work and either crocks flip flops or ballete flats those are the only pairs of sox i own

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Week seven done. Tackled the big hill again today, and it was absolutely fine. The run ended just at the bottom of the hill for the second time around. I could have kept going but my running buddy was a bit under the weather so we stopped. It did stop raining, as I requested, from 0745 for about 40 minutes, only problem was we weren't ready to go at 0745 so the last few minutes of the run and the cool down were in a soft, gentle rain. It was quite good, actually. 

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