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Take care of your legs.


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I've been running with zen labs for some time now. Love every run. I just completed 13.1 and feel great.

I was wondering what people are doing for their sore legs after a long run in the country with no massage tents at the end lol?


Ps. I see a lot of posts c25k (awesome app) saying things like week day hard.i would just like to say keep it up.i started with c25k and could not run 30 seconds. Yesterday I ran a half marathon.

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Thx for the tips guys. That soak in the tub did a great job. I went to my local running store today and picked up a roller. That's awesome all be it my wife massaged my legs but just not the same as massage therapy. Can't afford therapy every long run. That roller let's Me do it meself sweet.


Thx again

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