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Repeat to build speed or keep moving forward?


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I've been working through the program and have completed day 2 of week 6. I'm running an 11minute mile though, so didn't make the distance asked for in the 22-minute run. Should I go back a few days and work on running faster before I continue? Or keep going then work on speed at the end of the program? Any advice appreciated.

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My opinion is always push on to the next week. Its totally normal not to reach the distance in the time given. Even though this program is great for beginners its based on a ten minute mile (I believe) which is extremely hard for those just starting. Work on speed later when your endurance is at its strongest at the end of the program. This all of course is just opinion and its all up to you in the end what you want to do. I just base mine on the experience I had.

Hope this helps :)

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